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Merchant/Company Holiday Extras (edit)
Website https://www.holidayextras.co.uk/ (edit)
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Category Airport and holiday services (edit)
Description Re-seller of Car parking, travel Insurance, Hotels, Airport Lounges (edit)


Sf on September 14, 2016

It is holiday extras so airport parking etc

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WWW.HXPAYMENTS.COM on November 01, 2016

28October2016 my bank account was debited £205 I remember this was started when texted me saying that I had tax refund amounting to £265 and lead me to a link inHMRC website with HMRC logo I filled up a claim form of HMRC tax refund which I give my bank details. The form and the link to HMRC looks legitimate and after the website leads me to Post Office Website wherein it saying that I have to verify my identity by filling up the form. WWW.HXPAYMENTS.COM is A BIG SCAM. The Website of HMRC and Post Office I suspected they HACKED. Because recently not even two months I call HMRC to review my previous tax payments to present payments if I have overpayments and then few weeks after this TEXT with the link to RC WEBSITE appear so I thought it was legitimate because at that time I'm really waiting for any overpayment of my tax. It means they found out that I'm looking for a tax refund. Who knows I'm claiming the TAX OFFICE HMRC. It means they HACK the WEBSITE of HMRC or maybe somebody inside the HRMC is sharing the information. another I suspected maybe INSIDE HMRC there are some people involve of this syndicate. MAYBE INSIDE JOB. I HOPE THIS HELP AS WAKE UP CALL TO EVERYBODY TO BE VIGILANT AND EXTRA CAREFUL ABOUT ANYTHING.

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Alan P on August 17, 2017

My charge from this company was a genuine one for parking at the mid-term car park Luton Airport which I organised through EasyJet's site.

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Chris F on August 23, 2017

My charge is for parking fee at Stansted Airport Long Stay

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Paul S on January 03, 2018

Thought this was a fraudulent entry on my credit card statement by a bogus company but turns out it was a hotel payment at an airport we made to a different company so is genuine

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Www.repayments.com.Hythe.GB on May 10, 2018

Please can you tell me what this payment is for.Thank you

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irene hoffman on May 29, 2018


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Tim on June 06, 2018

Mine is long-term parking at Park N Fly Glasgow.

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Patrick on June 15, 2018

Airport parking (East Midlands)

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I am charged with WWW.HXPAYMENTS.COM HYTHE 006 Planes, Cars & Transport on Vacation - 27.35 EUR Receipt 25.06.2018 Amount in foreign currency: - 23.99 GBP I don't even own a car...

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Mary on July 23, 2018

I was concerned having read the previous items but on looking at my confirmation at East Midlands I was advised that the item would show upon my credit card as www.hxpayments.com which was accurate.

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trevor on August 30, 2018

I have just seen this on my credit card then I remembered I booked car parking in Southampton with holiday extras

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Andy C on September 21, 2018

It's not a scam! It's Holiday extras you twonk!

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Ray on March 19, 2019

Its the company Thomas Cook use when booking airport transfers on a flight only booking.

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Steve on June 13, 2019

Mine is for Silver Parking at Bristol Airport

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Sharne L on July 22, 2019

This showed up on mine and its for hotel and parking charge at Gatwick

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Karen on August 23, 2019

Mine is for parking at Heathrow through Holiday Extras. :-)

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Alan P on August 29, 2019

Parking at Stansted airport booked through Purple Parking

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Sergiu petretchi on December 05, 2019

I have 2 payments , to this company. 16.98 pounds. Wery suspect.

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Nesvarbu on February 12, 2020

Thei took 70 pounds. Who are thei???

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Tom Bell on March 27, 2020

I have a Car park booking at Edinburgh Airport for Wednesday 8th April at 06:00 am to Thursday 16th April at 21:00 pm and since Ryan Air have Cancelled there Flights and Reimbursed the Cost off my Air Tickets. And as i won't now need your parking facility's now, will you now be reimbursing my payment off £33:01pounds as this was out off my control. Regards Tom Bell.

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Lucy Streeter on March 28, 2020

Someone had stolen my card details and paid for this

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Lynn Johnson on September 04, 2020

I’ve made a payment for parking at Birmingham airport For 26th Sept -3rd Oct 2020 Have I been scammed?

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Cynthia Wood on December 21, 2020

On my bank statement there is a withdrawal of£155.99 . This has been sent to www. HXTHE GB. I have no knowledge of this firm

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glen balnaves on March 22, 2021

I have booked a car parking on the 16 march.meet and greet

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Bernard Neil Regan on May 22, 2021

I Have been debited £10 by HXPAYMENTS.COM HYTHE . Who are they?

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gary beal on June 15, 2021

HX is holiday extras hotels and airport parking

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Steve Duncan on September 01, 2021

I was also very concerned when I saw this on my online statement. I Googled it and discovered it’s a company called Holiday Extras who I have used for my long term parking at Bristol Airport. Why can’t they call themselves that on my bank details?!

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Nick Thompson on October 25, 2021

Hxpayments for £76 was for 2 weeks Newcastle airport parking plus late arrival insurance. Not a scam, just different to the company name Purple Parking who use this for transaction payments. Bit of a panic though when I spotted it on my statement.

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Geraldine O Callaghan on February 04, 2022

Why have you taken 58.37 from my bank account.? I would like this repaid immediately as I did'nt carry out this transaction My contact details are: 07476 798969 email: gerrydenison@gmail.com

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Sam on February 23, 2022

Purple Parking entity for airport parking / lounges etc

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HX Payments.com on March 05, 2022

I don't recognise this transaction on my credit ard

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KATHY on April 03, 2022

I spent an hour finding what this was for. It was for the Airport Hotel I booked at Manchester. Why the hell can they not just add the Hotel name

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Michael Wild on May 07, 2022

My wifes bank account was debited £26.00 on the 26th March 2022. I had booked for car parking at Imagine, Liverpool Airport for overnight parking on the 30th March which cost £26.00. I am assuming you therefore acted for Imagine. Unfortunately on the 30th both my wife and I contacted Covid and therefire were unable to travel. I have contacted Imagine requesting a refund and was referred to you. Can you please refund me my £26.00. Thanking you Michael Wild. Tel.No.01513364687. Booking reference was CVPPXX

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H Jarrett on May 28, 2022

This was a legitimate charge for car parking at Norwich Airport

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Y G on July 30, 2022

Spent a couple of days in London and my card was scammed; luckily I have the Lloyds app and get transaction alerts, so was able to block the pending payment immediately

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Mark on September 01, 2022

Didn't realise until I got on this site, but it is for airport parking :)

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Lee Curson on October 16, 2022

A payment of £92.99 has gone out on my credit card which I do not recognise

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Daniel Hughes on April 04, 2023

checked my bank and they charged me £32.99. I had never seen this company before the charge I saw. I researched and it looks like they charge for servies like parking/lounges at airports. Only thing is I havn't travelled back to the UK in 3 years and have no plans to any time soon so have no use of these services. I opened a chat and they told me they cant help if I dont have my booking ref, since I didnt book anything I dont have a ref and they wont help. Having to go through my bank to get my money back. Very unhelpful staff

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Hxpayments on July 13, 2023

Airport parking have used in the past

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Aurimas on August 15, 2023

I was charged £127.99 by HXpayments for nothing, how can I get refund?

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Do you know what the source of this charge is?