First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on May 21, 2023.

The credit card charge "PAYPAL *TOMMYDEAL ON" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Natalie on February 12, 2018

Same here - can't find any record of it on pay transactions - looks dodgy!!

mary frank on March 14, 2018

i ordered a charger for my dell laptop on march 3rd for 24.00 and have never received the confirmation for it nor the charger.

Susan on July 02, 2019

I ordered a camera charger on 28/6/2019 money has been taken from my account but I’ve still not received confirmation of order & I don’t think I will having read previous comments

Chris Jonas on July 28, 2019

This tommydeal by paypal charge is a scam.

Trusting Joe on October 05, 2019

Do not deal with Tommydeal--not to be trusted.

Roy on December 06, 2019

topbatteries.co. Arrived quickly via Amazon but only half advertised capacity

Glen on December 12, 2019

Did anyone get a solution to this? I also bought a Dyson battery. Paypal took the payment from my CC but no order confirmation or anything has come through since!!

John on December 13, 2019

I did the same - ordered a Dyson battery and have not had an update from them. Tried emailing them - no response yet.

Michael Page on February 18, 2020

I ordered a Dyson Battery online also and not received it. Emailed them but no resposse

Ian Walker on March 11th on March 13, 2020

I ordered two Dyson battery £81.98 and have not had any update or delivery information as of yet, today is the 13th March

Peter Rolstone on March 18, 2020

Ordered a Dyson battery on 10th March. Haven’t heard a thing yet. Not expecting to now after reading the above comments.

Tommydeal on March 25, 2020

Ordered a dyson battery SV03 on 12.3.2020 and haven’t received anything

Tommydeal on March 26, 2020

Purchase of a Dell computer charger.

John A on March 31, 2020

Dyson DC62battrey ordered & paid for on18th March. Nothing by 31st.

Peter G on April 14, 2020

Purchased product on the 29th March, no item , no contact at all. Stay well clear of this company.

John A on April 17, 2020

Purchased on the 6th March A battery for a Dyson vacuum cleaner have had no contact.

Tommydeal on April 27, 2020

This place is a fraud don’t order any items because there vert dishonest

Angela April 27th 2020 on May 06, 2020

Ordered a replacement battery for Dyson V6, paid for it on PayPal & have heard nothing from Tommydeal. They've taken the money, but no response from them.

Paul C on May 07, 2020

Hi - This is not Good, wish I had read this before ordering. Thought it strange I had not order confirmation. ordered 3rd May payment taken 6th May. Not expecting to recieve anything from the sounds of it

Kevin D on May 11, 2020

Ordered replacement battery for Dyson Hoover on 29th April. As yet have not had confirmation email or goods. Definite cause for concern.

ALLAN .W ON MAY 11TH on May 11, 2020


Terry W. on May 12, 2020

Ordered a PDA battery on 27 April 2020 from TOMMYDEAL, paid by paypal. Not delivered and no communication. Taking it up with Paypal. Think its a Scam.

ALLAN.W ON MAY 13TH 2020 on May 13, 2020


M.Marsh on May 16, 2020

Order last week still nothing has come and no confirmation email it's a scam

John w on May 21, 2020

Brought Dyson battery will not charge no invoice so cant return and cant get hold off tommy deal

Adrian on May 30, 2020

Hi all I just ordered a $17.99 AUD Samsung replacement TV remote through remoteOz (not to be confused with OzRemotes). Came up on my gift card as Tommydeal, then the contact email raised the alarm bells "tomgadget@hotmail.com". I think this is very suspect. Please avoid!!

Tam on June 02, 2020

What websites are people ordering from? I ordered from batteryaussie.com, as I searched for Australian suppliers, I was charged a foreign transaction fee as well as "PayPal *Tommydeal...Hk". As I had ordered, for I assumed and Australian supplier in AUD I assumed it was an Australian company. My PayPal payment notice had this.. Seller information: TommyDeal tomgadget@hotmail.com Instructions to seller: None provided Shipping information: *deleted by me* Australia Shipping method: Not specified I am going to contact the supplier as my Battery HAS arrived, however, there is no receipt or instructions, or warranty from the supplier... being a battery this is quite dangerous. I am charging it - yet lets see if it works! If not I will report the website I ordered it from.

Sharon McCormack on June 15, 2020

Ordered and paid for a Dyson Battery on the 23rd April, have not received it. Why is this company still allowed to deal. I have just read the reviews, a bit late now.

Robert Docherty-Gilroy on July 31, 2020

I ordered a replacement Camcorder Battery for HITACHI VM-BP84, VM-BP83, VM-BP82. The maney was taken out of my account on the 6th. of July, goods still not received. I did receive a confirmation mail from Paypal. I have messaged them to advise by return how the issue will be resolved. Also e-mailed Tommydeal. Cost £25.99

Steve on August 19, 2020

I think Tommy Deal / tomgadget@hotmail.com is a SCAMMER...... I have not heard anything from them since placing an order on the 30/07/2020 No confirmation email... No Invoice. No shipping details.... and no reply to my email requesting the above information....... SCAMMER.....SCAMMER.....SCAMMER DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS JOKER.

C lopes on September 10, 2020

Ordered 2 batteries £60.90 never heard anything from then

Peter on September 14, 2020

Ordered battery charger for sony np77. No confirmation. Contacted them by email and was asked to forward Paypal receipt. Did that but still no goods. Further email to enquire on status of order but no response. This is clearly a SCAM. I have opened a dispute via my bank and have been told I will get a refund.

Barry O'Donovan on September 25, 2020

Ordered A/C control unit did not receive it And Paypal refused to recognise the problem It is a scam SCAM SCAM SCAM and Paypal are taking money and refusing to return it

heather on October 03, 2020

I have just been to my resolution centre on paypal, and now i have put it to them to sort out problem as im fed up i ordered a remote for tv, they told me it was in the post under royal mail and even gave me a tracking number, but they dont have it. I was just looking at his email address and it does look like info@remotesa/com scam

Tim on October 08, 2020

For me this related to www.goodremotes.co.uk. Thought I was dealing with a UK business. Obviously expected a cheap knockoff but not that it would also be shipped from China. Tracking number doesn't work either.

Lynne on October 09, 2020

I purchased an item in March tommydeal sent me a receipt with his email info also I received my remote

Nina on January 22, 2021

I ordered a replacement remote control from a company called good remotes.co.uk because I believed that they were UK based. Not so this is Tommydeal and they are based in China. The remote arrived, didn't work, little to no communication. Eventually I asked Paypal to step in but in order to receive a refund , I must return the remote to China and pay the postage. The remote never worked, I paid £29.00 for it and it will cost more than that to send it as a tracked parcel which has been stipulated. Just don't deal with them, they are one big con!!!

Maud on April 22, 2021

Ordered Dyson battery for cleaner on the 9th March. Money taken out of my bank account on 13th March It is now 22nd April and have heard nothing.Thought it was due to the pandemic, that postage was slow. But this is ridiculous!! Looks like a SCAM!!

Dave on April 27, 2021

Ordered a remote from remotesca.com. took my money and ghosted. Website is gone and so is my money.

j hutchison on May 02, 2021

tommy deal on for battery charger on 27/04/ 2021 .no delivery

Caroline on May 20, 2021

Order on the 3rd May a Dyson battery and have never received confirmation or the battery as yet but have taken the money.

TommyDeal on August 31, 2021

not received order; but money taken

Peter Collier on September 08, 2021

Same. On bank statement via PayPal it says Tommydeal. No product. Never received order confirmation either.

Ruta Fuaolefau Pesefea on September 19, 2021

I ordered a Sony TV remote control few weeks ago but I haven't heard and information from them.

Zigmars on October 04, 2021

Ordered a remote control from remotesca.com. No news since then. I wonder how many more people are already robbed by this fake seller?

Patricia Baxter on October 14, 2021

Why have I got a payment for Tommydeal on my bank account for pay pal

Mary Rebello on October 23, 2021

Ordered battery for camera beginning of September 2021. Have not heard or received anything since. Shows on my bank statement as Tommy Deal/PayPal

Rich76 on January 31, 2022

Ordered a remote control in December. Charge came out of my account from Tommy Deal. No confirmation and no product received.

Tommydeal on PayPal is fraud on March 06, 2022

I had same scam from "tommydeal" on pay pal charge. Ordered remote was charged 40.00 via pay pal and nvr received merchandise. There is no email or other contact info...total scam

Tommydeal on April 10, 2022

Did not receive my controller 3 week

Lil on April 23, 2022

I ordered a sony bravia tv replacement remote control from "tomgadget@hotmail.com" and showed up on my statement as "Tommydeal" in June 2021. I did receive my remote controller and it is working one year on.

tommydeal on August 15, 2022

Quantity 1 Item Replacement Digital Camera Battery for PANASONIC CGA-S006, CGR-S006E, CGR-S006 ID number 1627 Price £11.99 GBP Subtotal £11.99 GBP Shipping £5.00 GBP Total £16.99 GBP The battery has never arrived

julie on September 22, 2022

ordered form this Tommydeal have contacted them and they responded with an order that wasn't mine total scam company no refund and no battery DO NOT order from this scam company

Tommydeal Sunderland on May 21, 2023

Found out too late this is a SCAM. Paid £13 for TV remote. From a company Goodremotes PayPal say they never heard of them and was no help my bank said wait 14 days and it will be flagged up with Fraud Police and Visa dispute. Why have Google PayPal and police not closed this down. I never buy from Chinese firms I slipped up this time as Good remotes is entitled Goodremotes UK why has this not been taken off the website.

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