What is WMACTL * ADJ?

First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on September 14, 2021.

The credit card charge "WMACTL * ADJ" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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never authorized a charge from this merchant on June 16, 2018

this company needs to be shut down how are they getting everyones cc number

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Alex on August 02, 2018

WMACTL is an abbreviation for the payphone service provider WiMacTel. They are more than likely one of the last payphone companies left around, so if you have used a phone at a rest stop or the airport it was probably one of theirs. After doing some looking online, it appears that WiMacTel has a pretty bad reputation of grossly overcharging their customers with enormous hidden fees and "convenience charges" of upwards of $25 for using a bank or credit card. That being said, it also looks like they're a little more fair when it comes to giving refunds to unsatisfied customers if you take the time to contact customer care at: 1-888-476-0881 Needless to say, if you need to use a payphone again, make sure you're using quarters next time!

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Unsure on why this merchant keeps sending pending charges on December 26, 2018

I keep getting pending charges on my debit card from this company that I’ve never gave permission for them to do in the first place. I’ve called my bank company to dispute it. This merchant needs to be stopped shut down immediately before I wind up reporting them to authorities.

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Jessica K. on May 17, 2019

Charged $17 to my pre-paid debt card & I never authorized that purchase. Unsure of how ANYONE got ahold of my card # being I've used it one time in a machine to make copies if a key, otherwise it's NEVER been used before except the $17 charge from WMACTL charge.

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John lindsay on June 21, 2019

I figure this was when the public phone box inTomintoul last week wasn't accepting coins so I tried credit card. The phone took the details then cut off immediately without connecting me. Fraud!

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Olivia on July 30, 2019

I made 3 calls at a payphone today and was charged £5 for each one as the machine didn't accept cash. Feel bloody ripped off if I'm honest,

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Fay on September 05, 2019

I used a BT British Telecom payphone in the UK yet got charged by this bunch of American con artist. I can only blame BT as it was their payphone

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Liz sharpe on October 26, 2019

Got £5.00 charge from a phone box. Trying to make a phone call at Waterloo east station. Didn't even enable me to make the call. Just clicked off after I phoned the number after a voice said ' thank you for using operator services. '

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Dottie on October 30, 2019

Never heard of this place, but they charged my acct $90 and $61, when son made a 5 minute call.

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Yvonne Smith on November 11, 2019

I used the pay phone at Heathrow Airport London and did not get through to the person I called but I was charged £5.00 for a call of less then one minute. I used a Debit Mastercard. The payment showed a company in CA 94303, USA. I would like a full refund of my money. How can

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Dee on December 15, 2019

We never used any pay phones, but we were assessed a $17.00 fee twice.

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Cecelia Garza on May 02, 2020

Charge $25 for a collect call ,i didnt even talk on the phone hung up

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Jeannette Rodriguez on July 24, 2020

It charge me $48.00 When Already charge me $25 I want Refund for $48.00

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Joe S on August 10, 2020

Charged me $26 for a 3 minute call and didn't refund me

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Freddy AD Ponce on September 21, 2020

This MACTL* ADJ Company has charged £3.08 for a local telephone, it cost £0.60 [sixty penies - cents] It is an abuse from this company and the complicity of BT [British Telephone Statutory Comany] It is fraud organised by those two companies. I am going to report it to the Police and Costumer's Organisations in the UK.

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Erica O'neil on November 21, 2020

My husband just got released from prison on November 20th 2020 around 5:00 that evening. He had to take a Greyhound bus back home because of how far away from home he was (8 hours). Of course leaving the prison you really don't have much on you except your papers that you get from being incarcerated and letters written from loved ones. He called me about 12:08 a.m. today and it was a correct call...OF COURSE I ACCEPTED IT. We are on the phone a whole 5 minutes maybe.. I go to see how much I was charged and it was $25 for those 5 minutes. I am very grateful that he is a free man but that phone call the price of it was way too high. This company is ripping people off. I know collect calls are usually expensive but I didn't think they were bad expensive...$25 for 5 minutes that is outrageous

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Yoyo cloud on December 12, 2020

I was charged$25.00 and didn't authorize it. I want a refund

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Singo on December 14, 2020

This company is a total scammer. You can deposit $0.50, as advertised, to talk for 10 minutes if the number you wish to call is local. But if you use your debit or credit card to call that same local number, the charge will be something like $25.O per minute or higher (even higher than what you pay for your monthly phone bill). This charge is never advertised. You must call the customer service to find out. When I made my call, the operator machine said "Please press 3 if you would like to know the rate per minute". I kept pressing 3 and there was no answer. I was forced to make my call anyway and I was charged for $25.0. if you make an internarial phone call using your cellphone (without the purchase of a phone card), the price is never going to be this expensive. Yet my call was only local and I became a victim of this scamming activity. But my story is not that terrible when compared to others. I have read that this company has unauthorizedly charged other customers in a repeatable manner for the calls that they never made. If you just make one phone call, your credit card information will be forever saved for them. This will them to repeatedly charge you again every month or week regardless of whether you made a call again or not.

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Blake on April 19, 2021

No do not know why I have lost $20

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Luke Timbers on July 29, 2021

Why has money been taken out of my bank for

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Wmactl on September 14, 2021

Attempted $17 withdrawal from a closed account.

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