What is PRESSNET 877-587-86?

First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on May 20, 2023.

The credit card charge "PRESSNET 877-587-86" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant/Company Pressnet (edit)
Website Click to Add
Phone 877 587-8649 (edit)
Category Online merchant billing firm (edit)
Description Its customers include porn web sites. (edit)


j wil on September 14, 2016

it is for a gay male dating app either daddyhunt.com, squirt.org, or surge. Each of these can be found on the google play store. Hell of a way to find out your man is into dudes and has daddy issues. I'm done!

PRESSNET on March 24, 2017

I am being charged $6.97. I have two charges so far. One has cleared the bank and IS on this month's billing transaction statement and the second charge is going to clear my account sometime tonight. I have no idea who, " PRESSNET" is. IL. USA. PHONE# 877-587-8649. My, " Transaction#s are # 2411039707555 and the second Transaction is # 6014325326.

Pressnet on April 23, 2017

This is ridiculous I need money to buy groceries till​ payday and now I can't because it says it has an authorized hold from pressnet this is bogus

Sweet descreet on January 28, 2018

Debits taken out of account for no reason

Thomas Stockman on February 06, 2018

No idea

i do not know the name on March 04, 2018

no i do not know or recall the source

Patick on March 20, 2018

This is for Squirt.org, a gay app found on the google play store.

Mark on April 07, 2018

I’m unsure of this charge

No I don’t on April 09, 2018

Want my money back

Jonas Rolyn on April 21, 2018

I was charged $69.95 on my Visa Card by Pressnet. Can you explain?

gary richards on May 03, 2018

i am being charged for the last 2 statements from my bank for pressnet feb 18th($129 88) and April 2nd.$134 50) don,t know what for.

Edward on May 09, 2018

Have all these boys forgotten they signed up for the squirt app Haha

Bill on May 24, 2018

Squirt.Org great site bcz our wives don't care so we go a diff route

Chad on June 27, 2018

Squirt.org How is it that all these guys just squirt and forget?!

Ronnie on August 03, 2018

Just checked my Mastercard account. Who the hell is Pressnet? Why am I being charged over $9 Aus every week? I have no idea what to do here.

dwayne calvert on August 21, 2018

yes seems to me that had a charge on credit card now seems they have locked me out of my computor some how can't get on anywhere will have to phone my bank and see what has happenedKHEW

pressnet 877 587 8649 on August 22, 2018

why where

Thomas D. Gillespie on October 11, 2018

This charge of $6.95 appeared on my debit card message alert tonight. I did not order anything from Pressnet. What the duece is this? The link shows a Japanese newspaper and a link to something unknown in Chicago.

Thomas D. Gillespie on October 11, 2018

One more thing. The number associated is 877-587-8649 from Delaware, 19901. Anyone else?

Monster Taker on November 18, 2018

Pressnet, based in Delaware, handles billing for Pink Triangle Press who operate, among other things, www.squirt.org, a website for men to cruise other men in hopes of meeting for !$#. The phone number listed is publicized on their website at: https://www.squirt.org/about/contact-us. So, you've either forgotten you signed up for Squirt.org, or someone has hacked your card and is using it on Squirt.org.

Lawrence Evans on December 11, 2018

Dont recognize these charges

Robert on December 12, 2018

Going by the statements of others, it is from the squirt.org website. When you sign up, the pre-set is for you to renew every month. You need to manually go in there and turn it off. Hopefully then you won't get any more withdrawals from that mob.

Rod Hunter on May 06, 2019

Hilarious how all these dudes suddenly do not remember signing up for squirt.org....It shows PRESSNET so the wife won't know (or care)

Zane West on May 13, 2019

This company has charged my credit card and I have not even ordered any furniture from this company

Charles Johnson on June 02, 2019

I am getting small amounts of around $10.00 coming from my visa card.on a regular basis what is it ?

Mark Heckel on June 06, 2019

Have no idea how this appeared on my statement

Ben Bezanson on June 15, 2019

Have no idea where it is coming from

Lionel Giard on June 16, 2019

Charged to my debit card

Jay Wayne on June 16, 2019

It’s SQUIRT.ORG or DADDYHUNT’s discreet billing handle. For exactly the reasons mentioned in this thread

Rex on July 28, 2019

I just noticed a $99.97 amount taken from account on 11/6/18 - coincidentally on the ate that my subscription to Squirt was taken out? Please explain?

Franklin Merritt on July 31, 2019

I authorized one transaction but not the rest

Ronnie Brassell on August 30, 2019

Pressnet is the charge name of charges from Squirt.org. If you want to find a dude willing to get down with you, it’s the best sight around. You can find me under screen-name “RonHunkBoy69”.

Squirt on September 12, 2019

I only signed to $8.00 a month not $145.00 !! They’ve taken all my money !

Tony plake on September 16, 2019

What is this charge and from whom did it come ?

Feesiteinfo on October 12, 2019

Take my card info off

The wife on December 04, 2019

Found this charge on our family credit card. Did some searching and it all makes sense now. My husband is gay. I just wish he would have shared his !$#capades with me. I would love to watch him takining it up the poop shoot.

Deanna J on December 14, 2019

Found this on our card a few months ago. Husband was surprised I want mad. Told him I like watching men. He admitted that he'd never hooked up with a guy, but I changed that for him.

Alan on December 26, 2019

Just saw Pressnet online, phone or mail order for $65.97 charged on Dec. 26. It was posted when it was still the 25th where I am with my credit card!

Serge Legault on January 17, 2020

I have 3 charges on my credit card and I never bought anything from You or contacted you please refund 81.02us Dec 21 - 81.02 us Dec 22 - 134.90us dec 26 total 296.94 US

david l on January 24, 2020

its some kind of fraud, I have just had 4 charges for about $9 Canadian as well as another for $17-18 that I did not know about refunded but as a result I had to cancel my credit card and redo all my pre set payments. I shop online a lot and im assuming I got scammed by some site. they keep the charges low so you don't notice

Michael on February 06, 2020

Refund and remove my info I have reported this to bank and police as fraud

No I dont on March 22, 2020

Please stop payment

Pressnet on March 22, 2020

I don’t know who this is. Block payment

Paul gagne on March 31, 2020

Don't know who this is.block payments of19.24

James Curtis on April 11, 2020

3/30/2020 there is a debit to my account $109.97. I don't know who or what this charge is. please return My Money. VISA DDA PUR 462567 PRESSNET 8775878649 * DE

Richard Weigel on May 12, 2020

there is a debit to my account $109.97. I don't know who or what this charge is. please return My Money.

Luis Baratta on May 14, 2020

STOP PAYMENT! i did not authorize nor do i even know why i was charged

Jason Horan on May 14, 2020

Who is Pressnet I got a fraudulent charge on my account this evening and I have no idea who or what Pressnet is!

Craig on May 16, 2020

There is a debit to my account of $56.00. I did not authorise this nor do I know what I'm being charged for. This has happened every 2 months. Please stop this and return my money!!

Pressnet on May 18, 2020

Don’t know who or what this is

Thomas on May 21, 2020

I have no recollection of who this charge is from and I wish to cancel it

Pressnet on June 04, 2020

I have no clue what this charge is for and wish to cancel it and return my money or i WILL take legal actions ....

Pressnet on June 08, 2020

Don’t now who they are but I want the money they took from me but in my account

J. Northcott on June 12, 2020

Yes I discovered a charge by pressnet on my Visa yesterday upon contacting Visa I believe it was charged previously also and I was unaware of it until yesterday I've contacted the Visa they are investigating

Bottom*#%! on June 13, 2020

Hahaha.....whatever guys....you know exactly what the charge is....just don't want your wife to know so you're play dumb......what is this charge?!?!??!....it's for talking to all the men you have !$# with....that's what!!

Sean Guilford on July 16, 2020

Cancelled months ago

Bobbyc on July 29, 2020


René Simard on August 15, 2020

Pressnet a prélevé de usd 14.97 le 2 août.numero de référence 8775878649 et je ne sais pas pourquoi j aimerais des explications ou un remboursement, en français SVP

Rene on August 16, 2020

Non je ne sais pas j ai vérifiée tout mes abonnements et il n y en a pas qui commence à cette date

Clifford moffitt on September 14, 2020

I have never used or heard of pressnet however I have a $15 fee come out of my bank.

Samuel Frame on November 10, 2020

Just want to know how I can stop a transaction

Pressnet Trinity on November 25, 2020


Derek on December 22, 2020

How the hell does this charge get on my credit card Don't even know what its for let alone authorized iy

Norman on January 07, 2021

I was charged 39.97 by pressnet I called their number and a recording came on that they will not be answering calls due to the covid virus what kind of !$^# is this!!!!!

Gregory Myers on January 08, 2021

There was a 14.97 charge to my card that I didn't authorize

Wayne MARKLEW on January 14, 2021

Present have taken $90 from my account, I want it returned immediately

John Lupton, Ottawa, Canada on February 01, 2021

There is a debit of $132.05 dated December 25 2020on my Visa account. Could you please tell me what this amount covers. Thank you.

Jayden mc on February 13, 2021

Taking money from me, won't it to stop

WOOT WOOT on March 05, 2021

SMH Check your SQUIRT accounts boys. Set it to not auto renew.

Yes um on March 05, 2021

SIS, keep your HOE'NESS in check. Screenshot your dating profiles. Stop being messy and forgetful. Its pretty embarrassing to call your CC company and cry that you forgot you was creeping online hooking up. SMH

Pat on March 10, 2021

I’m a girl, I don’t watch gay $^%* and this pressnet thing charged me $143 something. You better believe I called my CC company. Now I have to wait 7-10 days to get my money back because pressnet could say it’s legit which I don’t expect, and wait 1-2 weeks for a new cc to be mailed to me. FYI for anyone who’s interested.

Teddy bear on April 14, 2021

This is a so funny for the guys that forget & have there wife's investigating this! Lmao

Dennis James Moynihan on April 25, 2021

I want to cancel a transaction that I didn't authorize and I want my money back now

Dennis on April 25, 2021

There is a $109 charging from my debit card and i didn't authorized please refund me the money back into my debit card 4232231018614944 Exp:04/25 CCV: 943

Rodney courtney on May 13, 2021

I did not autorize this payment please refund my money now

D Markey on July 07, 2021

I have been charged $147.12 to a credit card and this was not my transaction and I have not given anyone permission to do so

Daddy was horny on September 02, 2021

Quite amusing this thread.......... if you're gonna cheat on your wife guys, at least be smart about it and use a discreet card. And for the gays/bi's know your auto-renew settings. As for Dennis, It's bad enough that you forgot that you signed up to squirt.org but fancy posting all your CC details on here for everyone else to see. DOH!! Meanwhile snaggles69 on squirt if anyone is in Melbourne and horny :-)

Jeffrey thacker on October 17, 2021

I have no clue what this is

Robert chavez on October 20, 2021

I have had 3 charges for 9.97 that I did not authorize how do I go about getting that refunded

Mikheil on November 16, 2021

I just got charged and I don't use any of these services!

robert davis on December 14, 2021

i dont know what this charge is for

Roger yeates on January 06, 2022

Stop charging my account

Tony on February 11, 2022

I don't know this company,I haven't purchased anything from this company . I want a refund and for this company to cease debiting my account

Squirt.com on February 14, 2022

I only did a 1 time charge but it charged me again

Yesals on March 08, 2022

Does the bank ever call or anything?

Tony Pitt on March 12, 2022

I don't know what this is not do I care, I need this money returned. Please address all correspondence to warrawongguy@gmail.com

Bob on March 19, 2022

Definitely if you’re being billed then you’ve been cruising on a gay hookup site. LOL Outted! Squirt dot org

Christopher on March 24, 2022

Beware - if you use a credit card to make payment for Squirt.org, you will soon find unauthorized charges appearing on that credit card. Within a month of using this card only to pay "PRESSNET" (this card was used for no other charges) I soon found unauthorized charges appearing on the same card from Amazon. Whoever PRESSNET is, they steal the credit card info from your transaction.

Sean on April 02, 2022

Pressnet - 697679235 - V7081 23/03 PRESSNET 8775878649 24625672082 - Miscellaneous Debit Dating Agency Please cancel

PRESSNET on August 08, 2022

I never authorized this charge for $109.97 >>

Raymen on September 08, 2022

This is scam

James Anderson on September 30, 2022

I only was supposed to have one month that is all I payed for I bought the one month only plan

Jeffrey Brandt on October 03, 2022

Unauthorized charge of $14.97 on 09/15/2022 and I'm requesting and needing this money returned to my Direct Express account ASAP

Joel A. on October 03, 2022

Don’t recognize.

Neile Findlay on October 19, 2022

I have no idea what this charge is about nor did I recognise it. I want the money credited back to my Credit Card

Pressnet on November 16, 2022


Squirt on November 23, 2022

I don’t recognise this charge Please return my total amount that has been deducted back to my credit card

Pressnet on December 22, 2022

The charge was not authorized. Please refund my card immediately.

Idiots on May 20, 2023

All these *%#^ suckers forgetting they signed up to a gay hookup app… idiots! It’s for squirt

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