First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on February 25, 2023.

The credit card charge "CCI*CARE.COM WWW.CARE.C" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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nadine on April 21, 2020

I do not know the source of this charge. It comes up on google as a service that recommends health care providers based on parental recommendations. I did not subscribe to anything like that.

Terrill Kuehner on January 01, 2021

I didn't order anything in November. It comes up as a nutrisystem purchase. I didn't buy that.

John Storbeck on February 26, 2021

This cci*care.com charge on my credit card is completely bogus.

Tom C on July 29, 2021

Recurring charge on my card I did not sign up for. Will not tell me what the charges are even for.

Marla J Dade on September 22, 2021

I do not recognize this charge on my credit card. What is it? mjdade09@gmail.com

CCICARE.COM on October 19, 2021

I woke up to this transaction in my bank statement.

Michele Caldwell on October 21, 2021

This is fraud this is what I got from them when I disputed the charge Okay, I'll connect you to the Computer Expert who can help you. Does anyone else have access to this jo-25927 account? I did not authorize any of this and don’t know what this !$^# is refund my 8.99 please. I am reporting you as fraud to my bank. For this account they sent me

Mirtha gomberg on November 16, 2021

Did not make Yes charge refund immediately

Mirtha Gomberg on November 16, 2021

I did not make this charge. This is funny and I will report it to the fire at Hardee’s. And would take drastic measures. Carrying

Bonita Rittko on December 02, 2021

Did not agree to this not sure how I got Automatic withdrawal from my cking? Call me at 412-915-3332 tomorrow am

Lisa Smith on December 04, 2021

I had a charge on my card for ccicare.com and I have no idea what this is for. I did not authorize this!

Jordan on December 19, 2021

They’ve been charging me

gerry on December 20, 2021

it appeared as a reoccurring charge on my discover card ???

Rebecca langley on February 09, 2022

I have a charge from ccicare.com on my bank card I did not give them permission to do this

Jean Rodgers on February 13, 2022

Checked my credit card and found this charge. I do not recognize this charge.

Care.com on February 17, 2022

I did not authorize these charges of $41.29 per month since July 2021

CCI care .com on March 06, 2022

recurring on credit care

Becky on March 12, 2022

This is from Care.com. I used them to find a house cleaner, but then they started charging my credit card every 3 months at $60 or more a month. I know I NEVER authorized recurring charges like that. I this helps others. I cancelled my card to stop them from being able to do this any more. How dishonest.

cci*care.com on March 20, 2022

My name is Amber and I have no clue who this is or why they are able to take money from my account but it ends today

Luz Zam on April 18, 2022

They just made two charges to my credit card , I don’t know what is cci*care.com, this is a fraud. I live in Mexico, why a company from another country is charging this, I just called my bank to report it.

Kathy on May 10, 2022

I was concerned about this charge, especially when I saw that it was deducted from my account every month for nearly a year! (I have been careless about checking my charges!) But when I did some research, I realized that Care.com was a clearing house for hiring helpers of various kinds that I had used last year when looking for a helper for an elderly friend. I ended up not using the service and forgot that I had signed up with them. I eventually found a "customer service" button on their website and through the chat option was able to explain that I no longer needed them and wanted to cancel my account. I was assured that I would no longer be charged and was sent a confirmation follow-up email. We'll see.

ccicare.com on May 10, 2022

did not buy anything

Christy Harper on May 20, 2022

Had charges on my debit card from cci care.com and I never subscribed to them.... It's a big scam .... And they need to refund the money and leave my acct alone

xan on May 28, 2022

i dont know the source

CCI CARE on June 03, 2022

I have no idea what cci care is or why they’ve taken $8.99 out of my bank account.

Yousef Jabr on June 06, 2022

I have no idea what this is

Linda Preston on June 07, 2022

I have been debited this and I know it is a scam! How do I stop it?

CCI CHARGE 6/4/22 on June 13, 2022

I have not made a charge to CCI

Luella Harteenian on June 14, 2022

This is a bad (if not scam) company they have been charging me $74.85 every month for over 7 times until I caught it on my charge because of death of husband. Then when I told Discover I did not have an account with them and they certainly never told me of this charge or joined any membership however they managed to get this recharged on my credit card again after I called it on them. I may have called only to find out what they do, but NEVER used them any further BEWARE they take advantage of people with a problem who call. Now I cannot even reach a person to talk to. What a bunch of "scumbags" they are. Again I say BEWARE because they have cost me hundreds of dollars I did not have to spare which is why I did not use them in the first place because they are of no help, but just take your info and charge you until you catch on !!!!

Hamlet Gomez on June 22, 2022

I have a charge and I don’t authorized

Karen Carlson on June 30, 2022 on June 30, 2022

I did not authorize the charge of $504 to CCI*Care.com Next step is notifying MN Attorney General's office. Please do the same - it can't hurt and it may lead to charges and arrests..... .

Darius on July 03, 2022

Have been getting charged for something I know nothing about

Sarah on July 09, 2022

Unknown charge

Beth on July 20, 2022

C I care .com has continued to charge monthly and I never signed up. I don’t know what it is

cci care.com on July 26, 2022

no record of this.

Sanya on September 21, 2022

I have no idea what this charge is.

Cci*care.com on September 21, 2022

No and it has charged me before too

Cci Care.com on September 28, 2022

Never heard of

Bill on October 12, 2022

CCI*Care is billing for a medical office or possibly X-Ray or mammogram services. They appear on my card for payment for medical services. I have not found them to be bogus. If they show up on your statement, call them and ask them what the charges are for. Your credit card company will ask you if you have followed up with them before they will take any action.

Tina S on October 21, 2022

I called and it’s an online company that finds you, babysitting, pet sitting or house cleaning help

Esther Macharia on October 22, 2022

I don’t have Cci*care

Cci"Care.com on October 27, 2022

I do not know what this recurring charge is for.

CCI*CARE.COM on November 21, 2022

I need my money refunded because I didn't authorize that site to charge me. This is the 2nd time this has happened.

Geraldine Mar on November 28, 2022

This is a fraudulent charge. I did not know what I was being charged for. They mask there site and try to be a company that there not. It is fraud.

Elisha on December 07, 2022

This is a fraud charge and I keep getting charged for it every month. How do I fix this, I just reported it

CCI*Care on December 11, 2022

Do not know what this charge is

Katina on December 18, 2022

I don't know what this charge is. I keep getting charged every month, so I decided to Google tonight to see if I could find anything. I am call my bank in the morning!

Desmond on January 05, 2023

What is this weird charge on my bank, I want a refund

Chuck on January 08, 2023


Dave (France) on January 10, 2023

CCI CARE charged my bank account for strictly nothing. I lost 80 euros plus fees for foreign financial operations. They just are pieces of sh...

Chasidy gonzales on January 11, 2023

they charged me without my permission i do not know how to stop it someone help me please they keep charging me

Caroline on February 25, 2023

I have charge for same thing in amount of 20.47. there is a phone. number as well. when I call number it says log into health.care.com which is non-existent. going to call bank in the morning.

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