First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on November 24, 2022.

The credit card charge "AMAZON UK RETAIL AMAZON.CO.UK LUX L2338" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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John Maggs on November 18, 2016

I have no idea what this charge is for.

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marion johnston on October 15, 2017

what is this £1 on my credit card for ?????? from amazon uk retail www.amazon.co.lux ....please take it off ...i think i am finished with amazon

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piotr peter on May 02, 2018

That's more concerning than you might think, actually. If that happens on a regular basis, you can imagine how much of a problem that is. Amazon is becoming a scam when it comes to charging you with things you don't actually realize, happening right behind your back. Watch out, folks!

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Amazon Music on September 25, 2018

I do not know what this for. It has been charged to my credit card in sum of £9-99 with a ref 353-12477661. IT is not shown in my Amazon account as a purchase

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Daniel on December 28, 2018

i have been charged 4 days in a row £1 every day . and then i was charged twice £3.49 ^ £4.99 for PRIME VIDEO - payment details = Record Shops - Online purchase with reference 353-12477661 Looks like someone else used my card on his amazon account

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Elaine curry on January 02, 2019

Have you checked your subscriptions in prime video? I had a charge of 4.99 which was not showing as a purchase but after a huge search through the help thing I found a subscription for 4.99 pm to Starplayz that we hadn't even realised we'd purchased

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Adam Ptacek on January 31, 2019

Somebody charged 7,99 GBP for nothing from my payment card, it was described as Amazon transaction in my bank statement. It´s really sad, that AMAZON doesn´t do anything against those fraudsters.

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Michael Richards on February 09, 2019

Kindle Installment UK via Amazonlux have taken out £28 on 16/01/19. only received my statement today. Nothing ordered on my Amazon account.

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J.b.reilly on February 20, 2019

I have been charged £20.94 in total on 353-12477661 for 6 separate transactions which I am not responsible for .I know that these are fraudulent activities and therefore wish you to credit my account with the sum taken .

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david lewis on May 13, 2019

I do not know why amazon are charging me £7.99each month , I did not ask for this service so would you credit my account with the money you have charged me over the last 6 months or so .

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margaret knight on april 10 and may 9 .2019 on May 16, 2019

amazon as charged me 7 pounds 99 pence for the last two months

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ed goddard on May 18, 2019

amazon charging £7.99 on my card this month for no reason I have not dealt with this Company this year credit my account ASAP

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amazon uk retail on July 19, 2019

It's only for £1 but why...not happy

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Amazon music on August 08, 2019

Took 9.99 out my visa . Have no idea why ?

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Warmbn on December 07, 2019

$8.86 on mine

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Betsy on February 06, 2020

recurring charge of about $10 - for some UK subscription I don't have. I don't even have Amazon prime. The first time I reported it to my CC company they refunded me, but since then has appeared every month. I think my CC info was taken by a restaurant employee in London to use for this. I have been dreading trying to straighten it out through Amazon but I guess that is next.

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Nancy on February 9, 2020 on February 23, 2020

A charge for 2.99 euros equal 3.28 American. I even called amazon and they had no idea what it was for. Marked for Amazon video.

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Moira McLennan on April 08, 2020

£9.99 taken from my account by Amazon 18/03/2020. No idea what for.

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Aqua Reefer on May 12, 2020

I have had three amounts taken from my credit card. Two of £ 64.97 and one of £17.49 on 4th May 2020. Amazon do not want to know and are of no help.

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Nick spain on July 25, 2020

Amazon.es prime charged cc with 34.99 pounds dont have a prime account. Cc refunding the money and cancelled the card. Looked through all amazon accounts cant see any prime subscription.

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Valeria Ebreul on August 09, 2020

Ho cancellato il mio account mesi fa, ma ogni mese mi prendete i soldi dal conto corrente perché?

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Jo on August 19, 2020

£7.99 taken from account for last x5 month for Amazon Prime & £7.99 taken for Amazon music. I don’t have an account with Amazon so called them but although they tried to help they can not do anything as can’t see who is taking the money as don’t have an account for them to log into in the first place. Will have to contact my bank! Amazon lux charges scam

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D. C. I. Lokupitiyage on August 22, 2020

What is this charge? I did not purchase anything. "Kindle Svcs*2F7W28Qc5 353-12477661 Lu". Please refund

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Charity on September 11, 2020

Have seen this charge and i don't know where its coming from

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LibraryCat on October 24, 2020

I just checked mine with Amazon and it was for a book I'd ordered which had been delivered to my Kindle. I was suspicious because the date shown was different from the date in My Orders. I used the Chat facility, and was told what the item was within a minute of asking ffor clarification.

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Paul baverstock on January 16, 2021

Checked my credit card statement and today there was a charge from Amazon for £38.98 which was not by me,in my statement it gives the code L2338. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Fatima Tomas on January 31, 2021

I checked my credit card statement and today there was a charge from Amazon Prime L2338 Irland for £79 wasn't me and I do not have Amazon Prime.Any help will be appreciated.

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Joana on February 18, 2021

I got this charge for £7.99 and it wasn t me. Any help please?

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Colum Geraghty on February 20, 2021

Have you purchased anything, like sports watch or Alexa that offers 3 months Free trial update then charges you after expiry date.. I have a fit bit and only noticed that Google had charged me 4 months at £7-99 because I failed to cancel the 3 month trial offer. ( Which was a waste of time). Hope this helps in some way.

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Lynn Marie Bullivant on March 04, 2021

I have just been charged £4.05 today on my credit card and I know that I do not use that card on my Amazon Account, So how do I cancel or get a refund for this, as I know that it was not me

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PRIYANTHI on March 08, 2021


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Irene on April 27, 2021

There a charge on my statement it say LUX £7.99 I would like it to be stopped as I've got no idea what it for ..I've tryed phoning Amazon but one answers it been getting taken off sence January I would like a refund .I didn't purchase anything off Amazon prime mm1fz09x4 so I would like a full refund

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Jennifer on August 26, 2021

Have charge on my statement £3:49 Prime Video I do not have a clue what for trying to get through to Amazon is a joke. this is taken money on false prentice refund please, bank been contacted,

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James Mpofu on September 08, 2021

I have been charged £44 which I did not authorise plus £7.99 continuously

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Duha al hawari on September 25, 2021

I have been charged $46 Australian dollars for unknown reasons... I want to get my money back as soon as possible...

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Aita Kadakas on October 20, 2021

Mingi kummaline summa 7.99€, millest ma pole teadlik, pole tellinud mitte midagi sellist...

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Rizzo Marco on March 18, 2022

Ho ricevuto un addebito di E.36,00 da parte di Amazon:LUX_L2338,amazom. Operazione da me non richiesta vorrei capire cosa è, altrimenti blocco carta.

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Carl davies on April 05, 2022

Iv been charged £20.65 and I don't know what for

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Ray B on July 26, 2022

Prime Video *UH7OE0SU5 353-12477661 Record shop Credit card charge £2.49 on July 19th Doesn't appear on my Amazon accounts at all? Long 'chat' with Amazon they could find NO RECORD of this transaction? This matter has, I now know; been brought up numerous times and Amazon seem unable to prevent it and some comments state 'the bank was unable to trace the course of the request" but paid it anyway"????? The precise entry was; - Prime Video *UH7OE0SU5 353-12477661 Record shop

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Vincenzo De Felice on August 21, 2022

Addebito di 20,90 euro inspiegabili Amazon L2338lux

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Terence Andrews on August 31, 2022

I don't know what this £7.99 charge is for . Please cancel it !!

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Urszula Richards on November 24, 2022

Amazon UK Retail £10:99 charge what is this ?

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Do you know what the source of this charge is?