What is KRP*EXIMBAY.COM 615 02-1566-3441?

First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on December 06, 2021.

The credit card charge "KRP*EXIMBAY.COM 615 02-1566-3441" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Lily on September 06, 2016

I also saw this on my AMX statement. What is this??

Leo on November 08, 2016

I also have $149 charge from KRP*Eximbay on my Amex statement

Lake Proctor on April 19, 2017

they called usl...said they were from MSN TECH SUPPORT

nicole on April 22, 2017

I received an email before i saw the charge...MAJOR FRAUD Our fraud defenses flagged the purchase below as unusual for your MASTERCARD PLATINUM card ending in XXXX. Do you or an authorized user recognize this purchase? April 22, 2017 KRP*EXIMBAY 12 657 $260.00

KRP EXIMBAY on April 30, 2017

Caller said they were from MSN. Hard to understand, indian accent. Said we had all kinds of errors on our new PC. That they could clean up. Not a virus, they said if we paid we would get lifetime support for MSN. Never needed it before

Khanh on August 09, 2017

I also have $189.50 charge from KRP*Eximbay on my credit card

Gustavo Sevlever on August 25, 2017

Es un Fraude

Diana H on October 02, 2017

I found an email receipt for a legitimate purchase we made for bicyclehero.com. It seems to me like this is a payment service that some vendors may be using. If you search for the Eximbay in your email you may be able to find the store you used.

JoAnn Banaga - on October 29, 2017

I negotiated for a transport vehicle from Incheon to Myeongdong throug Airvan Korea and I was asked to pay $103.98 for the services. After confirming receipt of payment through my card, I noticed there was not much information on the transport pick-up etc. I went back to Airvan-Korea site to check my reservations and it came back to me to say there was no reservation made but the payment already went through. The receipt says I have paid for a product. I actually paid for services. Is Eximbay and Airvan-Korea a legit company. I am asking because I have written to Airvan Korea for assistance but to no avail. Have I been scammed?

Mbulss on November 27, 2017

I got an legit email from eximbay which asked me to send my passport and pictures of my cc both back and front. They say they're located in korea, and guess what, so do I. I will strongly recommend you to report the transaction to the authority. I will report them to my bank and cybercrime related institution.

Meredith on December 15, 2017

I live in New Zealand and have just had 2 amounts taken out over $600 and $800 I have reported this to my bank

Steve on December 28, 2017

Reporting a charge of $110.24 to KRP EXIMBAY on 12/11/17 that I suspect is fraudulent. On the phone with my credit card company now.

Tim on January 11, 2018

I made a purchase from a small online retailer and this was what showed up. As Diana H pointed out, my guess is that this is a larger payment processing company that lots of smaller companies use. My suggestion is to think about receipts from smaller vendors and see if any of those match up; otherwise this could be fraudulent.

Jess H. on May 10, 2018


Elizabeth Kim on May 10, 2018

I recently found $201.20 charged from KRP*Eximbay shown on my credit ard statement and did not know so called AMEX. Several days later I got an email from one of the online shops I bought vitamin supplements. It seems KRP*Eximbay is this company where processes payments of many online shops.

Joe Smo on June 03, 2018

Made an online purchase from WishTrend in Korea. Search your email for Eximbay to find your online receipt.

Smart Joey on August 09, 2018

When you see your credit card statement, all the payment processing company names are shown. This is one of them.

Tetsu on August 09, 2018

I found $400 charged from KRP EXIMBAY that I had never used on my credit card statement.

Tetsu on August 09, 2018

Sorry the comment above was incorrect. I was able to find my payment thru this company in my email account.

Nyia on September 20, 2018

How stupid could someone not know where/what product/how much amount he had paid if it is not his first time payin online? The billing name on the statement isn't equal to the name of the website.

Karl K. on November 06, 2018

1 US$ charged by KRP*EXIMBAY 12 65 SEOUL 728 on my Master card

Ted on January 04, 2019

Unsure! want my money back!

Suzanne on February 14, 2019

Ce prélèvement KRP*EXIMBAY est bon pour nous à la suite d'une commande à bicyclehero.

p himselferson ca lling onnie on March 02, 2019

Computer froze. Large blue sign with no. to phone suppossibly from Microsoft. Did so someone said that he was a tec and asked me the problem etc. To make a long story short after about 1hr and getting access into comp.convinced me that I was in terrible security trouble and to purchase 3yrs of firewall and support for 300 US. Phone was so bad hard to understand plus accent. The scam was so good that I purchased this product from American Software. Feeling not right contacted Microsoft and found out it was a scam. Eximbay did refund my money but all contents of my computer are now in his hands .

Andres on April 19, 2019

This just showed up on my account and I don’t ever remember using it for anything

Ji sun .H on May 24, 2019

나는 $108.58를 한국에 물건을 주문했눈데 돈만 빠져나가고 나는 물건도 받지도못하고 이사이트는 사라지고없었다

pjm on July 12, 2019

Just received fraud alert concerning a charge from KRP EXIMBAY. Definitely fraud. You need to call and report immediately if you see this on your phone or email alert or on your credit card statement.

From_Ohio on July 20, 2019

Just got a charge from these people for about 18 bucks on my AMEX - called Amex and alerted them. This is an old thing.. how come the cc people are not catching on to this? I wonder how many people don't pay attn to their cc charges and statements and end up paying the Koreans. wow!

Sam on July 26, 2019

I also have this on my SOA KRP*EXIMBAY 12 657395, SEOUL, K and charged me with 19.65 USD. How are we going to deal about this? please help. Thanks!

Tuvok on October 15, 2019

I found notice of an legitimate payment in my e-mail. It is not a fraudulent charge.

Lee on October 31, 2019

Ch52flwb arged on Oct 31 for %61.98. fraud!

Tracy W. on November 01, 2019

I just had that damn thing go through on my bank account !! $1577.70!!! Through my debit card. I’m very surprised because I called the fraud dept with my card when I saw it before it went through!! My spouse is disputing it today as I am traveling right now. Looks like it’s based in Seoul Korea! Payment services company and it has PayPal listed on its site

EXIMBAY on November 01, 2019

They are a payment services company it appears and I saw PayPal listed on their website!

Joachim on November 14, 2019

Got a notification from my bank asking to verify if this is a legitimate charge. It is not. I followed the online instructions of my bank and the charge was reversed. My bank cancelled my card and will send me a new one. Definitely a scam.

KRP*EXIMBAY on November 27, 2019

Fraud!!! Pinches koreanos!

Vipfashiononline on November 27, 2019

I ordered morphe brushes for $90 and when I tried to cancel them they didn’t respond.

Emily on November 29, 2019

I ordered some things online thinking that this was a read fashion brands website where I later realised once the payment had gone through it wasn’t that bring in fact was KRP*Eximbay, I am currently waiting on their email back to see if I can get a refund or if not hope my bank will block the payment...

Jazmine on December 14, 2019

I thought ordered on a legit sponsored ad from facebook but have this on my cc statement no emails ir order info since.

Michelle on December 18, 2019

I thought I had ordered from a legit page off Facebook. I Obviously got scammed, I never received an email of confirmation, it’s been about two weeks now.

Jamie on December 20, 2019

Everland in Korea uses Eximbay for charge processing. Search your email for Eximbay, you should see an email mentioning them if the charge is legitimate.

Mary Bauer on December 24, 2019

Ordered four necklaces from this so-called company. Have not received any notification from them. would like this cancel the order. I believe they are a fraud

Will chapman on January 04, 2020

I brought clothes from this store called www.merylure.com and when I went to my bank that ex I’m bay and idk if it’s real or not.

William on January 22, 2020

I didn't know what it was, but I found it! I paid for it to use my P2P website. You may need to think about your online payment for downloading some files on the P2P website.

Berns on June 11, 2020

Hi all, i called AMEX and they got me to do a quick search in my email for "KRP". Turns out it is a purchase i made on Olens website (contact lens company in Korea). It seems there are several online shopping websites using KRP*Eximbay's payment platform hence the charge comes from them. Do check for invoices in your email, etc to see if the purchase was made by you, otherwise call AMEX to dispute. Hope this helps & stay safe!

KRP*EXIMBAY - SEOUL KR on July 12, 2020

KRP*EXIMBAY - SEOUL KR . I do not know what this charge is for.

KRP*eximbay on September 24, 2020

This has been pending in my bank account for a week. My order was declined but I’ve messaged them and they say there’s nothing on their end. I even placed another order with a different card.

Krp* eximbay on December 06, 2021

It's a scam they also place these scamming devices in stores where you might go to a self checkout they will get in your card and turn international transactions on so they can steal it as an oversea charge always check to make sure this is turned off and get in touch with your bank immediately.

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