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Merchant/Company Gse Giod Sam oxnard ca1 (edit)
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GSE*good Sam rv era ca on November 05, 2016

$139.95 on 9/26/16 what is this?

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Good Sam Roadside Assistance on May 01, 2017

Yearly membership.They do tests where they take a dollar out of your account to see if they have a good credit card to do your yearly automatic payment.Its May my renewal comes up in Nov.Red flag came up when I saw it.Called and told them not to do it again.I went back to paper billing with them,no commucation on their part on this before hand.They don't sound on the level.

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debbie on July 01, 2017

A $1.00 charge on our Visa card saying GSE* Good Sam RV ers. Membership not due until Nov of 2017. No idea why they are doing this

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Lenora on October 01, 2017

Just saw $1.00 charge on MY Visa: same thing: GSE *Good Sam RV ers. NO idea here either. HOW to we Stop this charge.

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Joy in GA on November 02, 2017

This shows up in my checking account - - GSE*GOOD SAM OXNARD CAUS - - I did not approve this charge. How do I stop it?

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Jackie cabe on January 02, 2018

A 1.00 charge

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Jacob b little on February 22, 2018

139$ charge it's been the 3rd one I'm sick of paying other people's !$^#

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Mary M on March 01, 2018

Well when I got a notification that there was a $1 charge to my credit card and I did not make it. I cancelled the card. Nobody should automatically charge $1 to see if your account is still active...that makes it look fraudulent. Send an email letting people know what you are going to renew and if the charge card provided is still legitimate.

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Clay on March 03, 2018

^$#! you Good Sam ! I have Cancelled Card and your Services. Also to tell all my friends and travelers of what has happened. See ya BAD SAM!!!

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screwball on April 23, 2018

a charge of 109.95 was charged to my checking account by GSEGood Sams Rvers Oxnard Ca,it is not my charge

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Roxie on May 07, 2018

Just noticed a charge on my Visa by GSE Good Sam RVers Oxnard Ca for $1.00. This is not my charge and I did not appove it. Had to cancel my card now. Not cool!

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GSE*GOOD SAM RV on May 25, 2018

Got a charge of 69.95 in my visa card from GSE*GOOD SAM RV ERS. I never had business with them. I don't even know who they are.

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GSE*GOOD SAM RV ERS on June 22, 2018

This is an automatic annual renewal charge for Good Sam Roadside Assistance. More information may be found at https://www.goodsamroadside.com/index.cfm .

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vernon ward on June 22, 2018

139.95 charged to bank card

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Charles on June 24, 2018

GSE*GOOD SAM RV is Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance . They use what could be viewed as a deceptive way to renew membership on line. Under the levels of pricing it states "*Introductory rate available for new members only. The rate provided includes a $10 Auto-Renewal discount. Bonus Cash certificate (good at Camping World SuperCenters) will be mailed in membership kit and will arrive in 2-3 weeks after payment is processed. By selecting the package you want your authorizing auto pay.

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Charles Mackey on July 22, 2018

I do not know the source of this charge. I did not make any transaction from this card. The amount was $149.95.

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GSE*GoodSam RV ERS OXN on August 03, 2018

I did not authorize the $1.00 charge on my card. I currently subscribe to the Rosd Service, with an expiration date of 10/24/2018. I will report this to my bank.

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Thomas Redlin on August 22, 2018

I don't remember signing up for auto renewal . this needs to be reversed.

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GSE*Good Sam RV ers on September 06, 2018

I do not know anything about this charge!

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russell tipton on October 02, 2018

i have a debit card charge of $1.00 i do not wish to renew any service i hav with good sam

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Edward Pollock on November 03, 2018

$1.35 charged to our visa. This won't happen again because we definetly won't be renewing with Good Sams. From now on we will be using CAA (a reputable Canadian company).

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Gerry geddie on 11/01/2018 on November 05, 2018

I have a $1 pending charge on my Discover....unauthorized. I have roadside assistance until February and that time I am canceling...will go with FMCA

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GSE on November 20, 2018

I found out i got charge to my credit card

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Chris on December 01, 2018

Just had the same - notice from my bank about 1 USD on my credit card. Called Good Sam ERS and they confirmed it was them making sure my card was active before automatic renewal (5 months from now!). I told them to cancel my automatic renewal and that this was a fraud indicator. The operator said they know but this is a company policy and the dollar charge is not really charged(???? - my bank thinks it is) . - I won't be renewing with Good Sam - no other organization that I have automatic renewal does this.

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Bob on January 02, 2019

Charged $1 this morning. Used Good Sam Roadside Assistance yesterday. Membership currently paid through March 2019. I agree with others ... there is no need for a “test” charge, but they’ve apparently been doing this for years. Is there a class-action lawsuit yet?

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Jerry on January 02, 2019

same as Bob

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Michele on February 04, 2019

We got a $1 charge in pending today. Membership is good until April 2019

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Rick on March 03, 2019

I had a charge on my credit card of 1.36 (Canadian). What is this? My membership is not due until April 2020 and I am not signed up for auto pay.

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Shirley on April 04, 2019

Got a $1 charge on my card. Notified bank as I did not authorize charge

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Allan on April 08, 2019

Got that on my card as well. Will be calling Good Sam to complain and it may be the last time I go with them. Its an unauthorized charge and therefore must be fraudulent. May put it in the hands of the law and see what happens.

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Vern on May 25, 2020

No idea what this is

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GSE Good Sam RD Oxnard Ca. 149.95 on June 22, 2020

I didn't make this charge.

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robert l watson on August 28, 2020

i have no paper work of this order

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louise on September 26, 2020

charge de 191.23$ de gse good sam ers sur master card alors que cette carte n a jamais ete utilise encore un probleme de plus pourquoi ? je devrai faire des demarches pour cancelle lien avec good sam puisque qu il semble avoir une méchante erreur

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nlm on February 23, 2021

I did not make this charge on 2/22/21

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Robert E Courtney on March 28, 2021

GSE Good Sam RV ERS.......CHARGE OF $139.95 on my credit card.. What is this for, my club card is paid up through 09/30/2021. Take this charge off my card

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Dixie Boudreaux on August 22, 2021

I received a debit on my credit card that I am sure I did not give permission to anyone to use .It was for $149.95 I do not need any road side assistance because we do not have a camper. Please correct this on your end

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John Quigley on September 25, 2021

I don't even own an RV any longer, nor did I authorize any charge to my debit card, of $119.95.

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Jmdar on January 23, 2022

Wtf is this charge? I don't even belong to good Sam anything.....sn68ve

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Jane Whitaker on April 23, 2022

I have been charged 109.45 I do not have RV has been reported to bank as scam

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Barbara Hardison on May 04, 2022

I've had no business with Good Same in several years. I've been charged over $300 for something. I have no idea what, nor do I want any further dealings with them!

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John B Williams on June 22, 2022

A charge of 89.95 appeared on my debit card charges and I did not purchase anything from GSE*GOODSAM OXNARD CA. What should I do ? jwilliams@wellsins.com

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Tracey Dowdy on September 04, 2022

I was charged 89.95 I live in Florida no need for this on my account. Please refund I have aaa

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Helen Gregersen on October 22, 2022

I am being charged $89.95 for GSE Good Sam RV ERS I do not recognize this charge. I have not been a member of Good Sam for several years. Please check this for me. Helen

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Lynn T on November 08, 2022

I just received this in message "gse*good sam rv ers" pending charge and have reached out to the card because this is bogus. My yearly is not due for 6 months. Also I have no idea what amount someone is trying to charge. I will be monitoring and reporting back to card.

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Domingo Becerra Rodriguez on December 24, 2022

i used my RV last in February 2020. I did not drive anymore. I got rid of it, (sold it). I believe that I was charged a fee for 2021 when I did not own it anymore. Now I am being charged $ 229.95 for 2023. I need this cancelled and I am calling my credit card company to void this transaction. I feel that I have been RIPPED OFF!

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Nick on January 05, 2023

Unknown charge ($149.96) from gse good sam rv ers (09/22)

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gse good sam rv ers on January 22, 2023

this charge is a surprise to me, I joined good sam to purchase insurance but did not expect these charges in only 6 months

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waynette Earven on January 24, 2023

I was charged $29 i did not approve this

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Melissa on December 22, 2023

Wasn't ready to see this when looking at my bank account this morning. Unknown charge ($99.95) from GSE*GOOD SAM RV (12/22/2023)

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Do you know what the source of this charge is?