First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on December 30, 2022.

The credit card charge "AMAZON.CA PRIME MEMBER BC V6B1A9 CAN - CONTINUITY/SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Direct Marketing- Internet on August 28, 2017

Did not order or authorize anything from this merchant


Did not order or authorize anything from this merchant

AMAZON.CA PRIME MEMBER AMAZON.CA/PRI BC V6B1A9 CAN ON 29TH APRIL,2018 on May 03, 2018 on September 06, 2018

Did not order or authorize anything from this merchant

Claudette Renaud on November 26, 2018

Did not order anything recently on my credit card.Last order is september 24.

Amazon on January 23, 2019

I heve not authorized this charge

amazon.ca/pri on March 06, 2019

the above unit deduct money form my card without any transanction by myself

Maurice Bussieres on March 24, 2019

l'unité ci-dessus déduit de l'argent ma carte sans aucune transanction par moi-même

Amazon.ca Primememberamazon.ca/priBC on March 27, 2019

Do not know what the charge of $4.51 is for.

Monique on April 18, 2019

Have no idea was charged $9.03.

Solange Bérubé on June 02, 2019

Je n'ai pas commandé cet item et personne ne peut me dire de quoi il s'agit. J'ai clavardé avec une personne qui s'appelle Irving (sur votre site) mais il semble qu'il n'ait pas accès à ces détails. Il s'agit de la référence BC V6B1A9 supposément achetée le 22 mai et inscrite au compte le 27 mai. Je demande l'annulation de ces frais s.v.p. Merci !

rod mackeigan on June 03, 2019

may 31 charge on my credit card for 89.46 did not order anything - credit card company looking into fraud

Robert McHugh on June 06, 2019

I was charged a 9.03 fee for prime and i'm not a member.

Michelle on June 25, 2019

I was charged a 9.03 fee for prime and i'm not a member.

deborah on July 02, 2019

no, I am calling my credit card as soon as I am done to get it removed. arghhhh bandits!!!!!!Ly

Brenda Hagerty on July 11, 2019

I have been charged $89. for a Amazon Prime member that I did not apply for. I am not a member.

Amazon.ca Prime Member amazon.ca/priBC on July 26, 2019

I was charged $8.39 fee for prime from March. i'm not a member.

rod on August 13, 2019

charged 8.95 for prime membership and i'm not a member. is this an amazon scam? or a hacker scam?

roger dionne on August 17, 2019

I was looking for a price for some thing at amazon , and now a charge for membership is on my card I have never bought anything on line

Joan on September 25, 2019

what is this charge on $9.03 for

ANDRE RAINVILLE on October 30, 2019


Benoittrudeau on December 15, 2019

$9.09 chargé sur ma carte de crédit MasterCard Je suis pas membre Amazon prime Cherche remboursement

Tina on January 09, 2020

Never signed up they are charging my card .Fraud

Al Leighton on January 25, 2020

First of all Amazon .ca LIES! They told me I live in a remote location as designated by Canada Post. Canada post does not designate remote locations a Post Office is a Post Office. Amazon feels that if you are in a remote location they can charge incredible shipping rates. There is no free shipping! Now they want to steal $8.95 from for nothing. Liars and Thieves they should be shut down

Mecoolcool on February 09, 2020

Got this charge every month, amazon.ca does not admit it.

Charlene on February 20, 2020

Did not sign up for this take it off my account. Do not know how you got my credit card number to do this.

Eve on February 25, 2020

Monthly charge of $11.29 appearing on my credit card. I cancelled last June and no way to contact Amazon Prime other than the account I did have says it was cancelled, but charges persist.

MICHELROGERON on March 02, 2020

CHRGE 9.03

borisbouchard@hotmail.com on March 17, 2020

Je n'ai aucune idée d'où cela peut provenir. Ma visa indique un montant de 14.94...

K. Leathem on April 02, 2020 on April 03, 2020

Recurring charge of $11.09. Appears on statement as: Amazon.ca Prime Member amazon.ca/pri BC V6B1A9 CAN

erik loppnau on April 16, 2020

you charged my master card $ 8.95 April 15 2020 . please cancel membership which I asked you to do the first time a fee appeared . and refund the money A.S.A.P. Erik

Nestor Hrabinski on April 21, 2020

There is an unauthorized charge of $8.95 on April 13 2020 . Please refund to my credit card .Thanks Nestor.

CHUNYANG (TOM) ZHANG on May 02, 2020

I heve not authorized this charge

Cedrick on May 04, 2020

I don't know if this helps but I had the same problem. I checked my subscriptions and realised it's for my prime music unlimited subscription on my echo dot. That's $3.99 plus taxes which comes up to $4.51.

Canadian Tire on May 15, 2020

In March 2020 AMAZON.CA PRIME MEMBER AMAZON.CA/PRI BC V6B1A9 charged my master card and then again n April, and again in May. Each time the amount was $4.51, but I am not a member!!! I haven't bought anything from Amazon since 2015. Their website confirms that I am not a member. Their customer service representative confirmed that I am not a member. Sounds like FRAUD to me and I had the card number changed. We'll see... .

V6B1A9 on May 23, 2020

Did not authorize this charge of $5.59

Aliz444 on June 05, 2020

Charge on credit card 28,2020 for Amazon Prime premium for freaking Germany I had free prime membership with Amazon.ca being a new Canadian account. However I got a unauthorized charge $12.48 AMZN Prime*DE MK7114KV5 amzn.de info/LUX Amazon Canada said they cannot do nothing to help because get this the charge was made in Germany so only Germany amazon can intervene and I told them I have never signed up with that site. Useless closed account and notified bank and change credit card imagine if it was a larger purchase omg I would be !$^# outta luck!!!!!

Carly on July 25, 2020

I did not authorized Amazon.ca Amazon BC charging to credit card. Why am I being charged almost every day from Amazon.ca Amazon BC. How do I stop them? Do I need to cancel Amazon prime just so they can stop charging me.

Sharon Murray on September 02, 2020

I do not want this charge on my credit card!

Erasmo on September 05, 2020

Si prendono i soldi da una carta che non è registrata

Prime Video.c M49YA7N30 on September 24, 2020

$22.99 Charged to our Capital One Card on Sept.21/20. Indicates purchased by Donna Vail (owner of the card)

Kirk McC on October 06, 2020

I was charged $59.49 on October 3, 2020 as an Amazon Canada subscription.

Ruth on October 29, 2020

AMAZON.CA PRIME MEMBER AMAZON.CA/PRI BC V6B1A9 CAN on October 19, 2020 charged 11.99. I did nor order anything

Guy Auclair on November 01, 2020

amazon.ca/pri, BC V6B1A9 Charge de $9.19 Moi je n'ai rien commender...

Guy Lavoie on November 03, 2020

I did not order anything. Chancel thé transaction Je n’ai rien commandé chez Amazon

Jeca on November 21, 2020

I have been charging $8.99 monthly but I ended membership long ago

Kaleah Young on November 29, 2020

I did not authorize this transaction

Suzanne Lalonde on November 30, 2020

I am part of membership for Prime but this bc charge was not authorized by me. Please remove this charge.

V6B1A9 Amazon is a Scammer on December 04, 2020

Got charged $9.19 on my credit card this morning that I did not authorized. I googled the postal code and ended up here. I also googled the phone number and it comes back as being a scammer's phone number for someone pretending to be Amazon customer service. I'm not a prime member and I never used this card on Amazon at all. I only use it for 1 transaction a month to pay my phone bill. So I was surprised when I got a notification of a charge to my card. I contacted my credit card right away and they cancelled the card and is sending me a new one. But they can't cancel a pending charge so told me the charge has to be posted before they can remove it. I told my credit card company about all the info I found online about this charge and that this is a scammer disguising themselves as Amazon. They says they're going to investigate this.

marie on February 15, 2021

I took have been charged $8.95 for Jan and Feb 2021 amazon.ca/pri, BC V6B1A9 Charge

Fran on February 27, 2021

Charged 16.79 yesterday, not my purchase, not a member

Concerned Prime member on March 03, 2021

Amazon.ca Prime Member amazon.ca/pri BC $9.03 ??

BC V6B1A9 CAN on March 03, 2021

never authorized this transaction... please explain

Mike Ronan on March 04, 2021

I have been charged $4.51 every month on my credit card. It says that this is fo rAmazon Prime. I am NOT a member!

Jake on March 10, 2021

Charged 11.29 without buying anything. Same description as people are showing here. What gives.

dave on April 02, 2021

fraud, i never use amazon 4/02/21 PURCHASE Amazon.ca Pr amazon.ca/priCAN CARD2521 $6.37 Merchant Name: Amazon.ca Prime Member Merchant Address: amazon.ca/pri, V6B1A Transaction Method: Card # Entered by Customer/Merchant Category: DIRECT MARKETING - CONTINUITY/SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS

Rob Robinson on April 30, 2021

I did not make a charge on this account . My Amazon record backs that up

James Lynch on May 17, 2021

I have never signed up for amazon.ca/pribc and have been charged twice.???

GAETANE GRAVEL 15 Juin 2021 on June 16, 2021

I was charge for 9.19$ it is a fraud on 7 of june 2021

Colleen Becker on September 19, 2021

I have just received charge for $14.68 and there is nothing I have ordered!What the heck????

Md Arefin kamal on September 22, 2021

I was charge for 8.87$ it is a fraud on 20 sep. 2021

ron k on October 02, 2021

9.08 put on my MC card twice that is not even on Amazon

Prethishsebastian on October 08, 2021

I was charged twice and definitely this is a spam. Call bank and they will reverse the money

Ann Le Clair on October 18, 2021

What is this charge on my credit card? It’s been charged to my credit card for several months and I did not order it.

Fay Wright on November 07, 2021

a charge of $90.85 showed up on my credit card statement on 01 November 2021. I did NOT subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Hearns on December 22, 2021

I am being charged monthly different amounts payable to Amazon Channels Amazon.ca BC. This is unauthorized!

Complete fraud on January 07, 2022

My mom was charged this on her credit card that she has never used before. How did Amazon Prime even get this card's info

%*&!ed off on February 19, 2022

My old credit card has been charged three times for a monthly $8.95 subscription to Amazon but we haven’t used that card for over two years and haven’t renewed it. Definitely not me as this post code is hundreds of miles away from us

Amazon on June 01, 2022

Not sure why I was charged $16.79 by this same exact address on my credit card. I haven't purchased anything with this account and my prime was not been active for 6 months.

Nancy on June 13, 2022

June 12 / 2022 I got a charge on my credit card of $11.49 for Amazon Prime channels. I am not a Amazon prime member nor ever was. This same address came up as well. This scammer needs to be caught.

amazon.ca/pri, V6B1A USA on August 05, 2022

I received this transaction charge on my credit card today in the amount of $7.80. I had to cancel my card. ;(

Pierre on October 16, 2022

I too am being charge $11.29 by Amazon Prime. I did not sign up for this membership and had my credit card replaced, for security reasons, ONLY to be charged again on my new credit card; which I haven't even activated yet!! What gives?!

Bin Li on October 25, 2022

I have order prime video channel on Sep 24, and I have cancel on Oct 22, I am change $11.19 on Oct 24 in my mastcart witch was from Amazoon.ca/pri 124, V6B 1A9. Thank you.

Palladin on November 30, 2022

This is a charge by Amazon (Canada). The charge is for your Prime membership and recurs monthly. The bill includes taxes. If you want to get rid of this monthly charge, you will have to cancel your Amazon Prime Account. If you want to charge your Prime Membership to a different card, you will have to manage it through your Amazon account

lucille on December 04, 2022

non je ne connais pas la raison de ces frais.

nette on December 30, 2022

Merchant NameAmazon.ca Prime Member Merchant CityAmazon.ca/pri Merchant StateBC Merchant CountryCAN Merchant ZipV6B1A9 Reference Number55490532357203059399123 StatusApproved Card Number************8364 Transaction DateDec 23, 2022 TypePurchas did not buy anything from BC , im in Alberta!

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