First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on April 10, 2021.

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Merchant/Company Apl milford sound (edit)
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Description I got charged $100 twice without getting a single drop of petrol (edit)


Han on August 01, 2016

It said the pump was offline after I put in my debit card into the machine. I left without pumping single drop of the petrol but now it shows -$100 from my card. Please fix this transaction problem APL. Thx.

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Sukyung Lee on October 29, 2016

it shows three times -100$ from my credit card. I had put just 30$ petrol.How can I do..

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Choko on August 28, 2017

I wanted to get 30$ of fuel and got charged for 100$?!?!

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Karima on November 20, 2017

It shows three times - 100$ from my credit card i had put just only 20$ petrol..

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Loes on February 28, 2018

10$ petrol got charged a $100?!

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Chanin s. on March 08, 2018

I got charged by APL 100 Dollars NZ How can I do?

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Kevin on April 15, 2018

Just 20 dollars of petrol and 100 dollars my credit card. What is this problem ?

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Vinnii on December 02, 2018

I was filling the petrol on 28/11/2018 as much 50nzd..but the transaction record on my card shown 2times deducted by the same company. First is $50 on 30/11/18 and the second was desucted 3/12/2018 as much $95. It is so miserable!!

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Jeremy on December 28, 2018

Got this email about the transaction : Thank you for your email to Allied Petroleum today. We do understand your concern, however please be assured you will not be overcharged by our Company for fuel – the transaction you have seen relates to a pre authorisation of credit card funds required for use at unmanned fuel stops. I outline the following pre authorisation process for purchasing fuel, for you and your bank’s understanding: Customer swipes their card to start a transaction After selecting their pump a request is sent to their bank to reserve the pre-auth amount in their credit card. This is not a purchase or transfer of money, the money is simply reserved from their available balance. If the transaction is approved, the pump is authorised and the customer is able to take fuel Once the customer has taken fuel and hangs up the pump nozzle, the transaction is completed in the Paymark system, and Paymark passes this information through to the banks for processing. The difference between the final transaction amount and the pre-auth is then able to be released in the customer’s account. The release process on the NZ$ difference usually happens within 24 hours, but for some banks and especially overseas customers, unfortunately this process can take up to 14 days. The procedure above is controlled within the banking system, Allied Petroleum has no control over the speed of the transaction processing, or the way the money is held and then released within the customer’s account.

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Yang on March 31, 2019

We purchased 24 dollors of fuel at APL milford sound onn 31/3. However it is charged us 95.92 AUD on the credit card. It is ridiculous!!!

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Apl milford sound on June 01, 2019

Got charged $100 on my visa card

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daniela on September 08, 2019

got charge 100 in my card for 40 dollars! THATS RIDICILOUS

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Scott on September 16, 2019

Put $30 fuel in on the 15/9/2019 and got charged $100 ... ALP MILFORD SOUND .... BLOODY JOKE

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Scott on September 17, 2019

Issue has been fixed thank u ... there is hope

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Wei on December 05, 2019

I got to stop at the Milford sound Allied Petroleum thinking of putting some gas in my car, I swiped my card and chose pump 1, but then it shows the pump is offline, I couldn’t put any gas in my car so I left but I got charged 100 on my credit card, can this please be refunded?

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Dushyant Jaiswal on December 27, 2019

Put 45.96 fuel in my car on 27/12/2019 around 5.20-5.30 in the evening and credit card charged was 100.it is ridiculous.please refund the excesss amount

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Dushyant Jaiswal on December 27, 2019

Sorry the timings were around 3.30 in the afternoon

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Alex Heeb on January 06, 2020

They booked my girlfriend and me 3!!!! Times -100$ and we fueled up our car for 25$...

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Carlos C on January 12, 2020

What a crap!!! Put $30 NZD and got charged $100 on the credit card, how is this possible??? Is that legal??

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Amanda Costa on January 19, 2020

I've been put $20nzd and got charged $100nzd!! Want my money back immediately!!

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Egeria on February 13, 2020

It shows t twice - 100$ from my master card although I had put just only 20$ diesel on January 19,2020. Can this pre-auth amount please be refunded?

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Ulysse on June 14, 2020

I go to the pump for 44$nzd and got charged 2 times of -100$ !! Someone know how if I can have my money ??? Thanks

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Alexsei Paule on July 10, 2020

I got charged $100 twice for a $44 dollar petrol? How can I get my money back?

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Mikayla Keys on July 16, 2020

I got $39 worth of diesel at Milford Sound and was charged $100! I would greatly appreciate my money back please.

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Imran Alam on December 27, 2020

I filled up gas about $30 from your station about 3:25pm whereas the amount deducted is $100. Please check and refund my amount. Imran Alam 0221763536

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TOM on January 11, 2021


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karamjeet singh on February 10, 2021

Yesterday i filled up gas of 30 dollars from Milford sound around 6pm , was charged 100 dollars, please refund my money, thank you

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Nick & Lyn on April 10, 2021

We put in $60 but charged $100 please refund the difference...

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