First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on December 13, 2022.

The credit card charge "DIGIMEDIA TA XBIEX MLT" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant/Company the palacegroup (edit)
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Samantha blair on May 13, 2016

Casino online is this a scam pleAse help

aliya on May 25, 2016

yes i have

Mitchell on July 23, 2016

Transactions have came from my account that wasn't me from this merchant

Natalie Demmers on August 03, 2016

I have quite a few of these transactions take place which show on my bank statement

LeaC on August 12, 2016

On aug 3 2016 they withdrew $1000

Scott on August 17, 2016

I have been charged by these into the thousands and have only just realised

Eugene V Pascual on August 23, 2016

I have been charged last July15-19, 2016 P4,759.66

bayton ltd ta xbiex ml mlt on September 08, 2016

charged over 700

Malcolm on October 11, 2016

Yes 6 October 2016 $4 also had an unauthorized charge from HiPages on the same day, cancelled my card immediately.

the palace group on October 16, 2016

one of my adult child is playing casino games online and has stolen our debit credit card details. i have reported this and now have to get a police report as well as send them bank statements. Both have denied it.

Gail on October 22, 2016


SKP LTD TaXbiex ML MLT on October 27, 2016

Saturday 22nd pf October 2016 it has taken out $20.50 out of my bank account. I would like a refund of that money please. Thank you

Alishia on October 27, 2016

wtf is this i have been charged an i dont even know what for how do i get my money back

Timothy Dawson on October 28, 2016

I have had money taken out me my bank and I want it all put back before I Sue use. Call me on 0432518137 like yesterday. So not ^$#!ing happy

Dating service online on November 17, 2016

It has been charged for dating site service,that I am not a member of.

1 DIGIMEDIA TA' XBIEX November 11th &14th 2016 on November 17, 2016

occurring on the 11th & 14th November 2016 I have had MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CHANGED 6 TIMES from 11 Nov 2016 DIGIMEDIA TA' XBIEX 74008516315 $100 each time unauthorized & unaccounted for why what company how can I contact this company for fraud

Florence Koch on November 23, 2016

Money has come out of my account and i have NOT authorized any transactions please refund my $10 Or will take it further. Thanks

Elizabeth scifleet on December 02, 2016

On the 20/11/2016 twice once for twenty and then another ten ? I am a single mother of two and cant afford to lose even thirty dollars aswell as dishonour fees from my bank id like this refunded asap wtf how is this even allowed

DIGIMEDIA SC on April 10, 2017

draget från mitt konto

Leonie Boellertz on April 12, 2017

The booked 135€ from my Account without my knowing and permission. I want my money back since I didn't do any of these transactions.

Ta Xbiex mlmt on May 06, 2017

Money was taken from my account four times. I need my money back!!!

Sharree on May 19, 2017

$20 was debited from my account. When Google to see what the company is to find it's a gambling sight. I started to laugh... Digimedia I don't gamble so how the ^$#! did you get my credit card details. I don't even play online games. So refund my money now!!!

Chris on May 25, 2017 on May 26, 2017

$96 has been charged to my credit card on a monthly basis for several months now. The charge was by Dating Gateways Ta Xblex. I don't know who they are or how they got my card number. But I do know that something needs to be done about this fraudulent site. They should not be getting away with this.

Khum on June 16, 2017

Put 700 dollar last night pls call 0431062520

Paul on June 28, 2017

This is a ^$#!ing scam! Stealing ^$#!ing money off people you useless *%#^sucking mother ^$#!ers!!! How the ^$#! do I get my money????

unknown on July 26, 2017

has take 1100 out of my account!!!

Jerry on July 28, 2017

How can I get my money back

Ruth on August 02, 2017

I have several transactions taken from my account without authorisation pay back immediately I don't even know how you got my details

DigammaTaxbiexmlt on August 04, 2017

There are additional withdrawals made to my debit card which caused it to be overdrawn and my account won't allow that as a rule.im chasing this up to the last degree

Hugh Jorgan on August 05, 2017

Rip off site. I highly recommend you stay away from all casino online gambling sites cause these guys have ruined it for the straight up ones.

Vera huhta on August 11, 2017

Money taken out in a 4week period without my authority & have never used this site

Dating Gateways Ta Xbiex on August 11, 2017

Recently noticed transactions on my debit card with following vendor: Dating Gateways Ta Xbiex Have no clue? Got to believe I've been scammed and fraudulent card transaction.

Travis fitzgerald on August 15, 2017

Alot of money

Wondering too niw on August 15, 2017

I have found my account overdrawn and this digimediataxbiex has then money this has happened over a long period and um looking into it now after reading other comments

Mark smith on August 18, 2017

I have been carged 95 dollars which I shouldn't have been charged this amount this is a joke I want it sorted out now please or I will take it further

Jade griffin on August 20, 2017

Money has been coming out of my account nearly everyday and I don't know why

digimedia ta on August 20, 2017

i have been charged twice from this company both transactions wer $10 nzd

Katrina Williams on August 22, 2017

This is ^$#!ing ridiculous I got charged $63.95 for what??? This is a scam/ fraud and want it sorted ASAP!

Mason morrell on August 23, 2017

I have jus been charged 40.00 from my account could I plz have it back I don't no why you have taken my money

Tanja on September 02, 2017

Ive had money taken out of my account on the 27th and 28th July 2017 which I didn't do. My phone was broken at the time. The amounts of $10, $10, $10 were taken out on the 27th and $20 and $10 on the 28th. Please refund ASAP

Israel on September 04, 2017

theve taken about $40 out now. $10 a week. I want it baak please

Digamma taxbiex on September 08, 2017

I have been charged 100 au dollars from my creditsvTUR4

Elaine Sherry on September 09, 2017

4 Amounts have been taken from my account. Forwarding to Bank Fraud Dept.

Mary on September 13, 2017

Hi i got my money taken out this is bull!$^#

Leachelle Loader-Nash on September 20, 2017

Call me 0474959355 money taken out of my account by use NOT ME CALL ME ASAP

digmma texbiex on October 12, 2017

Hello l had my bank invigorate the money that has been taken out of my account. 20 transaction in july 2017 20 in august 2017 and 3 in September 2017. This has mad me very mad as l was not aware of these transactions. I only find out because my.super was also tampered with. The omounts taken out of my account is a large amount. I would like this invitgated and my money return to my account . Thank you jenny sideris

Aileen king on November 03, 2017

I did not go onto a gambling sight on 3rd but 40 dollars has gone from my account.

Gene Waihirere on November 22, 2017

Yes I have been a victim and still am by DIGIMEDIA1 TAXBIEX, What do i do? Im afraid of who ever they may be will keep taking money out. Still my fault for gambling but there fault for being theives.

Patrick Zurlo on December 02, 2017

DEBIT PURCHASE/ Dating GatewaysTa Xbiex ML MT 000105300126 505000 I would like a Refund Please

Goldie on January 11, 2018

Y credit card has been used without permission I have tried to contact u numerous times with no results this is fraud and u are liable so x this or I will seek legal representation the last digits on card are 0265. First didgits are 5217 Name on card goldie k adam Australia I want this fixed immediately I’ve reuest d this many times Thank you I hope to get a result soon

Damien Hina on April 16, 2018

Your company did an unauthorised transaction from my card i live in new zealand so how is this possible. I want my money back i have got legal representation to claim this this'llu are responsible for fraud and credit card theft. I will personally find out who you are and i will ^$#!en kill you your children and youe wife thats after i rape her you slim dogg %^$!s

DIGIMEDIA TA' XBIEX MT on April 20, 2018

Whats Isabelle this

Asshats on April 26, 2018

To the people leaving comments looking for help on these charges. Don't bother doing that here. This is a website to lookup where the charges are coming from, not to fix them. I guess it makes for fun reading with your toothless threats of suing. You would have better results calling your credit card.

Jess on April 29, 2018

Money has been taken out of my account, I don't even know what digimedia is.

Jonny b on April 29, 2018

Digamma Taxbiex mt .....on 27/ 28th July 2017 purchase debits to my acc. Of 20,10,25 and 50 dollars has taken place ......what is digamma taxbiex....what gets me is $450.00 deposit on 28 th July 2017 from digamma taxbiex....

Jenny Heakey on June 12, 2018

Unauthorized charges to my credit card

Ambrosia on July 07, 2018

5 charges on my card. Made while I was sleeping. 1 for 20$ 3 for 100$ and 1 for 140$. Total scam. Credit card cancelled

Earnest Leon Little on August 13, 2018

Any charges you have made to my bank account, please refund and cancel any future billing.

Digimedia1 taxbiex GBR GB on August 14, 2018

Money was taken from my bankcard today from this site. My bank account is OD i dont understand how the money was accessible

Yvonne on August 16, 2018

Over $300 has been taken from my account. 14 different transactions while my husband and I were working!!!

Digimedia1 TaXbiex GBR on September 04, 2018

you have taken money out of my account twice and on days that I did not use this site? How do I get a refund

christina kerekere on September 05, 2018

Your name is on my bnk statement i have no idea why use are taking money out of my account without my authority 1000.00 plus has been taken out over a period of 3wks i would like my money refunded i do not know who use are & im angry also frustrated why this is happening

Chris White on September 06, 2018

Today they cleaned me out, my last $400 in 3x $100, a $70, and a $30. Four transactions without my permission. Does ANYONE have any solutions? Please?

Chris White on September 17, 2018

Update: I’d like to thank Westpac Bank, Australia for a speedy refund after I discovered that these thieves had stolen my money.

response on September 19, 2018

I have given all documents that ive needed 2 gve 4 verification of money getting taken out my bnk acc wen am i 2 gt a reaponse on ur fellas side stil waiting

$10 on October 06, 2018

Please refund my money

Brenda Georgetown on October 10, 2018

Please refund they literally took my money ....

Chris White on October 14, 2018

It appears that one branch of their business is online poker machines and another branch iof the business is using the banking details of the punters and cleaning out their accounts. Two friends of mine won $850 and $20,000 and neither of them have been paid. So their modus operandi is take your money to play the pokies and never give any payouts and then take your money without authorisation from your accounts... win/win for these arseholes. I recommend Neosurf or Paysafe to play... but why would you? You’re never going to win.

Jake on November 15, 2018

Taken $20 out of my account

CLEMENT JOHN GESA on November 21, 2018


stony00000000 on December 06, 2018

Bonjour à vous, je suis moi aussi une des victimes de fraudes et ce depuis que je suis allé sur un site de jeux en ligne du groupe: CASINO ORG. Le site semble être soit en lien ou soit victime d'un hacker de compte bancaire qui prends nos données personnels et effectue des transaction non autorisé en ligne par l'entremise du groupe: CASINO ORG. les sites que j'utilise sont: ROYAL VEGAS, JACKPOTCITY, SPIN PALACE. Je viens de faire annuler ma carte de crédit pour limiter les dégâts et d'après mes relevés bancaires que j'ai consulté, le paiement de mon gain du casino de 200$ a été suivi par la suite de frais totalisant 160$ fait avant et après ce paiement de 200$, par un groupe de gestionnaire en ligne de casino non sécurisé appelé: DIGIMEDIA Le nom qui apparait sur ma carte de crédit qui a été débité est: DIGIMEDIA1 TAXBIEX GB Ce nom qui débite les cartes est comme un virus car, il change toujours de nom mais, garde souvent l'appellation DIGIMEDIA SUIVI DE D'AUTRE TERMES LE LIENS DE LEURS SITE NON SÉCURISÉ DONC, NE FAITE RIEN DANS CETTE PAGE AUTRE QUE REGARDER EST: http://www.digimedia.com.mt/ Je suis présentement en procédure avec le site de ROYAL VEGAS pour voir qui est en lien avec ces fraudes. Le service de paiement semble être ouvert pour l'acheminement de ma plainte. Je commenterai le déroulement que j'ai fait par la suite. Faites bien attention!

stony00000000 on December 06, 2018

Hello to you, I am also a victim of fraud since I went to an online games site of the group: CASINO ORG. The site appears to be linked to or victim of a bank account hacker who takes our personal data and makes unauthorized transactions online through the group: CASINO ORG. the sites I use are: ROYAL VEGAS, JACKPOTCITY, SPIN PALACE. I just canceled my credit card to limit the damage and according to my bank statements that I consulted, the payment of my casino win of $ 200 was followed by the suite of fees totaling $ 160 done before and after this payment of $ 200, by a group of unsecured online casino manager called: DIGIMEDIA The name that appears on my credit card that has been debited is: DIGIMEDIA1 TAXBIEX GB This name that debits the cards is like a virus because, it always changes its name but, often keeps the name DIGIMEDIA FOLLOW-UP OF OTHER TERMS THE LINKS OF THEIR UNSECURIFIED SITE SO, DO NOTHING ON THIS PAGE OTHER THAN WATCH IS: http://www.digimedia.com.mt/ I am currently in process with the ROYAL VEGAS website to see who is related to these frauds. The payment service seems to be open for the delivery of my complaint. I will comment on what I did next. Be careful!

Digimedia ta malta on December 12, 2018

Has illegally withdrawn 20 and 50 dollar amounts out of my bank 5times. Somehow using my details i have lost well over 1000 dollars.

Briana brown on December 25, 2018

We did not take this out give me my money back

Punika davies on December 29, 2018

Digdmedia has taken money out of my account with out my consent and I request for my amount of 100.00 put back into my accoun straight away

Kayla Taueki on January 25, 2019

Why has my card been charged? Who are use and how did use get my card details!

https/bovegas.eu edinburgh0131 on February 01, 2019

i have no idea what this is and have not ordered or bought anything from here

no name on February 14, 2019

they stealed from my card 300 euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^$#!ing frauds!!!!!!!!

Alisha on February 19, 2019

What the ^$#! there's clowns are taking money out of my account every week wtf is up with that !!!

Brent Wells on February 20, 2019

I was told to withdraw 700 from a casino account I set up a account and got the transfer but now it has mysteriously gone missing . I did not touch it . Do you know what happened .


dont know what this deduction is, happened twice

Therese Gravestock on April 17, 2019

I saw a transaction in my account and I now that I didn't do it.

Chris on May 29, 2019

Im in Australia I play online casinos and I've made a few deposits. But this one I don't know who's the company

Sky on May 31, 2019

Yes I was

heather on June 13, 2019

I've got this charge for $20? who how why?

Tarryn Graf on June 20, 2019

My account was hacked $180 was spent. I would like a refund thanks


I never heard about it. They took 30dollars from my account

digamma taxbiex malta on June 28, 2019

i have several unaurthorised visa withdrawals from my account by this organisation dating back to 2017

RTR on July 05, 2019

The last 2 weeks monies have gone from my acc Fraudulent

Digimedia Limited MT on July 11, 2019

This site withdrew over $300 in batches of between $20-$40. My husband set up a profile on a gaming site called 'Spin Palace' but didnt enter credit card details. No idea how they got our card details.

Danny tollett on July 12, 2019

I have had over 200 dollars taken

Mere Parangi on July 14, 2019

My credit card has been charged for two different payments on the same day. I do not know who they are or used my card for any overseas payments as I have SMS security before making payments over seas

YTomo on July 17, 2019

5 payments withdrawn fraudulently last week.

Helen on July 23, 2019

I have had thousands taken since I just found out it's a fraudulent and uncanny how this can actually happen

Penny on August 02, 2019

I want my money refunded to my account now

Jenny on August 08, 2019

Money was taken out of my account without my consent I want a refund

Corrie on August 08, 2019

I have had a look at my bank and a transaction of 10 pound has come out and I don't know who it's for its called SKP LTD and I don't know who it is could you help me please??

Anne odonohue on August 13, 2019

I have a number of unaurthorised transaction s ftom my account

Jatinder singh on August 25, 2019

We just a letter saying about purchasing something that we haven't purchesd ,and it was like 300 dollars.

Soane on September 11, 2019

I’ve recently seen that $20 has been withdrawn out my account today (12/09/19) how do I get that back and also stop them?

Raj kumar on September 15, 2019

$200 taken from my credit card for nothing this is a scam how they got the card details are baffling i need my money back mother^$#!ers asap

Terrence carter on September 23, 2019

I never approved of this transaction

Not Dense on September 24, 2019

Contact your bank/credit card to initiate a charge back/investigation. No use posting here other than making yourself look like a fool

Cammealia avery on October 07, 2019

date11/8/2019 $30 charge, date23/8 $20 charge I want it all back

Erika Sekerova on October 28, 2019

Nikdy som sa sem neprihlásil a s účtu mi odišlo sem 1000e co mam robiť

Stacie on October 28, 2019

I have never have used your service. And you have funds on hold. Please delete my information and return the money back to me. I am on a tight income as it is

Natarleigha Clarke on October 31, 2019

My account was debited a couple times

jemma tennant on November 15, 2019

I have been charged for this but don't even play pokies online . how has this happend

Veronica on November 21, 2019

Took $30 from my account

Rob middleton on November 24, 2019

How do I get my money back

Raffaela Dunn on November 28, 2019

Took money from account

Ruth on November 30, 2019

False charge

Digimedia on December 02, 2019


Darren on December 27, 2019

I have been charged 3 or 4 times on my bank account for what ever this is pls contact me

Darren on December 27, 2019

I have been charged on my bank account for whatever this is please contact

Darren on December 27, 2019

Please contact me in regards to fraud on my account.

Hannah on December 30, 2019

12 transactions totally 300 dollars was stolen from my account from Digi markets Malta!!! I'm trying to contact someone from this company! There is no number to call

Digi on December 31, 2019


Carl Redenbach on January 07, 2020

Same happened to me today, a charge of $30 and I haven’t touched my card or any game sites at all today

Con on January 11, 2020

This company is a online casino that are scammers Pokie spins is one online casino they run. Stay away they take all your money and dont pay you out when you have a big win.

Kirsten Alexander on January 23, 2020

No I don't know the source of this change and I want to cancel my membership

Naomi on January 26, 2020

50 dollars have been taking from my account I want it back ,will be taking this further

harley sebbens on January 27, 2020

had $90.00 taken out of my account from you and never agreed or authorized you to take anything from account.

Nyz Manuel on February 07, 2020

Has taken multiple amounts out who can we contact.

Ethan Rooze on February 08, 2020

I was charged tonight on 8th of February 2020 took $50 out my account and I don’t even know what this !$^# is I want it back thanks

Judy M Ryan on February 17, 2020

I do not recognize this transaction and do not authorise it to be taken from my bank account.

Judy M Ryan on February 18, 2020

$20 was taken out of my account 17th Feb 2020, I did not authorise it. How do I get my money back?

D.Mckinnon on February 23, 2020

Over $10,000 has been stolen from my account!! Digi markets is one of them.. what do do to get my money back!!!!??? 😪😪😪

Gemma on February 24, 2020

I've checked my bank account $50.00 has been taken out.

Nadya on February 26, 2020

Money has been taken from my account and I can’t even play the games. How do I get my money back ???

Fire Raiser game. Digi market Malta ta xbiex on February 29, 2020

Is a scam game 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yes I was stupid but would like my money back. Normally know not to give any of my details to these things. I will be reporting these transactions to my bank and to the police.

Talisua Barlie on March 04, 2020

Don’t know who you are but I got charged 50.00 dollars today from yous I don’t know yous and how to you get my bank card details

Tracey Williams on March 10, 2020

Multiple transactions have been taken out I want to speak to someone to get my money back

Robyne Dinan on March 20, 2020

3 x $50 withdrawals from my credit card 19/03. All unauthorised transactions. I want my money back

Troy Anderson on March 24, 2020

Taking money out of my account without my permission I want all my money back into my account within 24 hours

Ally Sharp on April 04, 2020

I have no idea who this is but has taken more then 80 dollars

Paul tinney on April 15, 2020

Put the money back!!! I did not give you any authority to debit my account.

Siale Anne king on April 16, 2020

Iv had a payment of 40.20 come out of my account and I have no idea why you have taken my money can I please have someone get bk to asap please IV got children to look after lil lone money just disappearing please help

Haylee wells on April 22, 2020

I eid not make a 50 dollar paynent today

Donna on April 22, 2020

Yet got me for 100

Kyron on April 23, 2020

I have had 55 come out then I got slugged with a overdraw fee now You took another 20

Donna on April 24, 2020

I have 2 o 100 dollars taken U scamming barsderds

Gene on April 25, 2020

$200 taken from my account 🤔

Julie Anderson on May 03, 2020

I did not authorize this transaction

patricia tankard on May 07, 2020

i did not authorize these transactions

patrica tankard on May 07, 2020

can i please get my 350$ BACK That you took out of my bank account

Frog on May 07, 2020

Can I cancel money that you took from my account eaFuL5

Clayton on May 13, 2020

I did not authorise this

Miriam on May 14, 2020

yes $20 withdrawn out of my account

Deniol on May 15, 2020

Can i get $140 back u took out of my account..i did not authorise this

Colleen Sariago on May 15, 2020

Don't know what Digimedia is and didn't purchase anything throught them but my credit card d tails are being used 6 May 2020. According to bank account transactions.

Fredy on May 17, 2020

$30 dollar withdrawn out of my account

R.Kopa on May 18, 2020

I have NO clue what this $30 is for. I want it back Please & THANKS

Digi Markets Malta Ta xbiex? MT on May 27, 2020

Online casino joined and paid $50 and now there taking $2 about. 5times signed up for game nothing else

Issrad on June 01, 2020

I have so many of them on my bank transection

Digi Markets Malta Ta Xbiex? MT on June 02, 2020

i doint think if depost this to thid company

Sam on June 02, 2020

Hi I have had a charge to my bank account that I didn't make

Richard Hoskins on June 02, 2020

Who the ^$#! told you mother^$#!ing theives to touch my bank account?? You will be hearing back from the Australian federal police.

Clint on June 03, 2020

I did not make this transaction and would like my money back how do I go about it

Tara J Gardner on June 04, 2020

$20 was taken from.account twice so total $40 from.this place I never heard of them before taken Thursday 4th June 2020 I want my money replaced please I've lost my job on benefit just want it back asap

justin on June 05, 2020

i lost 50 dollar

Melissa on June 07, 2020

An online gambling site. Linked to Pokiez.com or house of pokies to name a couple. Easy to deposit. Hard to withdraw from. Give All forms of Id then get told you might need to provide more. If you don’t play within their terms and conditions they will take all your money from you. Disgusting please don’t use this online gambling. If you like to gamble just go to the casino.

Gabriela9.6.2020 on June 09, 2020

Zmyzli mi peniaze z účtu keď som ziadnu takú transakciu neurobila...

DEAN ,,BUT THIS IS HE DAughter here on February 26, 2021

my poor dad his a old pensioner enjoys spending time on a experience professional upmarket casino ,,omg cant believe this has happened over 500 dolars tonight 20 deposit -30 -20 goes onb and on who woukld do this poor old %^$!

Wendy hancy on May 27, 2021

Hi there, it seems that my debit card funds have been deducted using digimedia1 706592/ 498005889/ and 691449 and 669781 and 637454 and 614106 and 601680 and 5788990 and 57559 and 567882 these transactions are amounts from $10 to $50. I did not use digimedia1 GB

Some one taking money from my account on June 15, 2021

My bank statements show digimedia1 +498005889827 gbr GB they taking money money

Digimedia 1+49800588982 on June 21, 2021

Money being taken out of my account without my permission

Brand Ta Xbiex on November 30, 2021

This Week I Have Not Been Online With Any Of My Personal Financial Credentials, E.g.. My Visa Card.. And My Bank Account Was Deducted $20.00, UNAUTHORIZED! Only Information I Have Is On My Bank Statement. I Bank With New Zealand ASB. Transaction On: Wed 1 Dec 2021 Particulars: Brand Reference: Ta Xbiex

Fungamesite baytree MLT on December 10, 2021

Have had several transactions come out of my account with no authorization.... I want my money back !

Veronica nepia on April 16, 2022

Yous have taken all my money from my account and it's the Easter holidays and I had a trip to go on now i cant go no where. I want my money back now

Christy on June 11, 2022

Where did my money going

Kathy Wa on July 19, 2022

No idea why they took my money

#11192 Digimedia 498005889827 MT on November 24, 2022

I honestly dunno wat this is where is my money

George hingaia on December 05, 2022

Hello I was waiting for my winnings to come in $58 dollars and yous have changed me 3 payments two 20 dollars an A 10 dollar been waiting for this since last week now it's gone to yous please help

George hingaia on December 05, 2022

Please help 🥺

Nat GU on December 13, 2022

I did not make this transaction and would like my money back

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