First seen April 15, 2016. Last updated on August 01, 2022.

The credit card charge "AMAZON.CA PRIME MEMBER 877-586-323BCCA" was first recorded on April 15, 2016. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Amazon on July 05, 2016

Never bought this

bobb on July 05, 2016

had the same ,its a subscription for prime membership . just call amazon

Tasheena Burrell on December 21, 2017

I don't know how comes Amazon is charging my credit card and i didn't remember signing up for no membership nothing.

Robert on March 21, 2019

Why am I being charged monthly by Amazon ? I never authorized a monthly fee to them...

Mohinder singh on April 20, 2019

I have not bought anything and you are also deducting money from my credit card . I am not your member and did not ask for membership. Please help

Lea on May 12, 2019

On May 11, 2019 this charge - "Amazon.ca Prime Member amazon.ca/pri BC $82.95 " appeared on my Visa bill. I did not authorise it and do not want it whatever it is.

Amazon.ca Prime Member on May 26, 2019

What ever that is , I didn't sign in !!

Marcel Monette on June 10, 2019

What is this for ? AMAZON.CA PRIME MEMBER 877-586-323BCCA

Jozua Weessies on June 10, 2019

Did not authorize this, don't want to pay it. feel unsettled about this, shy about anything Amazon.

Norman Plourde on June 23, 2019

I did not authorize this transaction . please reimburse my Visa for $89.27 .Thank you !

Dawn McCormick on June 26, 2019

Just got a charge of my latest Mastercard statement, says is comes from Amazon.caPrimeMemberamazon.ca/priBC What is this?

Denis Viens on June 2019 on July 05, 2019

Got a charge on Visa statement from Amazon.caPrimeMemberamazon.ca/priB.never signed in

Tracy on July 11, 2019

Just got a credit card bill today, showing Amazon.ca Prime Member.ca/pri BC, in the amount of $89.27, which is the annual fee to be an Amazon Prime member ($79.00), plus 13% HST ($10.27). We have not signed up for Amazon Prime.

Florence on July 12, 2019

There is a charge of $9.19 on my master card from Amazon.ca/Prime Member that is did not authorized, how do you get rid of it. I went to cancel and it's asking for $37.00 to cancel it.

Cyrus on July 22, 2019

My credit card statement showing $9.03 fee to be an Amazon Prime member, but I have not signed up for.

Carol Harmesynn on September 09, 2019

I did not want this Amazon prime member? What is this charge on my credit card statement? For $82.95 . Who did this?

Shirley Dann on September 12, 2019

What is this charge for, I never signed up for anything with you.

Linda Whitehead on October 29, 2019

did not ask for this and am on disability. I wish people would quit scamming. I am so sick of this

Sharleen on November 07, 2019

Ordered some books off of Amazon in September 2019, and yesterday noticed I am being charged for Amazon Prime Membership, which I never asked for. I am retired and rarely use Amazon and the charge was just over $88.

Richard KLatt on November 19, 2019

I am being billed $9.03 a month for Amazon Prime which I did not sign up for.

Daniel Rosin on November 21, 2019

I am being billed $8.95 for Amazon Prime which I did not sign up for and don't want!

DonnaBall on November 26, 2019

Never ordered this please take off and return both payments . Don't you do a follow up on these orders and find out why the bill doesn't match where the order goes to?

Rob Galloway on December 04, 2019

$8.95 monthly scam as well

Jacqui Faircloth on January 14, 2020

My Bank Statement for January 2020 shows an amount of $59 deducted from my account on 13 January by V2007 AMZNPRIMEAU MEMBERSHIP SYDNEY SOU 74617630012, This must be a scam as I have not signed for a Membership? Please help!!

Marilyn Gostlin on January 24, 2020

I have a charge of 9.03 on my Visa card. I did not sign up for Prime but was offered 30 days free coverage. Please remove and credit my card. At this time I do not require Prime service.



ZENITH HODDER on February 01, 2020


Lea Girouard on February 13, 2020

I want to quit to be a Prime Member amazon. Please put me out of your list.

Charlene on February 20, 2020

I was charge on my credit Card I didn't sign up for this and want it taken off my visa account.

amazon on February 25, 2020

i did not sign up for this additional charge or whatever it is called and i want out and the question is how?

Gérard Beaudoin on February 28, 2020

I never agreeded for that Amazone service and they sent me a bill dated of Feb. 28 2020???? Would appeciate explanations….I do not want to get Prime. It was supposed to be free for 30 days of trial!!??

jacques Beliveau on March 06, 2020

My credit card indicates a monthly payment of $9.19. I never agreed in writing or verbally for the continuation of this service. Please stop these payments from my credit card. Will be informed of this matter Visa Desjardins and any further payments will be blocked. Shame on you Amazon. This his a fraud.

Denis Drainville on March 19, 2020

My credit card indicates a monthly payment of 9.19. I never agreed in writing or verbally for the continuation of this service. Please stop these payments from my card.

Hélène Martel le 20 mars 2020 on March 20, 2020

Ma carte de crédit indique un paiement mensuel de 9,19. Je n'ai jamais accepté par écrit ou verbalement la poursuite de ce service. Veuillez arrêter ces paiements depuis ma carte.

Sonia Stoltz on March 25, 2020

I am being charged for $8.95 prime service I have tried to cancel to no avail I do not want this service I did not agree to any of this verbally or in writing so cancel and do not charge my card anymore I will contacting credit card today

barry on April 01, 2020

charges on feb 20 and mar20 on my cc Amazon.ca Prime Member amazon.ca/priBC fo 11.29 each I am not a member of Amazon anything

Jo-anne Davidson on April 02, 2020

As a senior I was proud to do my first order at Xmas for the grandchildren.I am sorry I ever did. Please stop this monthly charge of $9.03 as I do not want to be an Amazon Prime Member . I am never ordering anything again.

Amazon.caPrimeMember -amazon.capriBC on April 08, 2020

I have been charged $9.03 a month since Jan 4th and every month after. What is this for?

Russ Hannusch on April 09, 2020

What is this unauthorized charge of $9.03 for. If it is not cancelled I will never purchase anything from Amazon again.

Helen Libera on April 20, 2020

Since January I have been charged 9.03 every month. I have no idea what this is for

Sheila Robertshaw on April 24, 2020

I have been charged $9.03 in March and April. I don't understand what it is. I have given no authorization for any membership. Please cancel this immediately and I will be expecting a refund shortly.

Linda Stavert on May 02, 2020

I have a charge on my visa for $11.49 May 1,2020. I do not want to be a member. it came from Amazon.caprimememberamazon.ca/priBC I would like this charge removed NOW. I don't want to see it again. Thank you. Linsa Stavert

jean paul bourgeois on May 08, 2020

depuis 2 mois on me charge sur ma carte visa cibc un montant différent a propos de member prime. Je n'ai jamais demandé d'être membre privilege avec amazone . j'ai fait une plainte a Visa CIBC et il m'ont dit de payer ce mois ci mais si je recois encore un autre payment en juin Visa CIBC va intervenir. et Je ne comprend pas comment vous pouvez décider que l'on devienne membre sans notre accord et ns charger des montants mensuellement. S,v,p veuillez corriger car pour moi il n'est plus question que je commande quoi que se soit chez amazon

Mr. Douglas McKinley on May 12, 2020

I have a charge off $90.85 on my April 07, 2020 Visa. amazon.ca/priBC, I did not request this. I want an immediate credit or goodby Amazon.

Rita Koo on May 26, 2020

I order a gift for my grandson last December, he is a 11 years old boy may be he clicked for quick delivery, and you charged me PRIME MEMBER fee on my VISA for $ 9.03 every month, how can I get out paying the PRIME MEMBER FEES? Thank you.

chanelle ouellette on June 05, 2020

j'ai été charger tous les mois 9.19$ sur une carte amazone primer svp expliquer moi ce que c'est

chanelle ouellette on June 05, 2020

i did not order and every month $9.19 is picked in my account ..what is this comment ere rembourser de ce vol mensuel

Pria on June 12, 2020

Hello there.. I have been charge two times on my credit card. Can sm1 tell me how to close my account.

dawa on June 20, 2020

with out asking me my credit card been charged as membership

Ron Boyd on July 02, 2020

I was charged $9.03 on June 3, 2020, I do not want a Amazon prime member account, please stop or I will never purchase another thing from Amazon ever.

Shannon Jackson on July 03, 2020

I am being charged $9.03 every month and am absolutely livid!! I am NOT a amazon prime member, nor will I EVER be and I will be certain to stop ordering from amazon. I expect a refund ASAP or I will be calling Amazon and filing a complaint. NOT happy!

Jacques Dupont on July 07, 2020

Je suis facturé à chaque mois pour un abonnement que je n'ai jamais demandé. Je suis incapable de me désabonné

Rickey Rice on July 28, 2020

I had a charge of $9.19 with this name “Amazon.ca Prime Member amazon.ca/priBC” on June 21st 2020 and again on July 10th 2020. Amazon did not take or get the money I contacted my visa bank and they canceled my cad and issued me a new one. They said this happens quite often July 10, 2020

Wallace McBride on August 24, 2020

I have been charged $9.03 on my credit card each month since December 2019. My wife & I are prime members but that is charged to her account. I do not know what this charge is for and request reimbursement immediately

Candace on September 09, 2020

I do not know where this charge came from or why.

Howard on September 14, 2020

I got charged $9.19 for three days, each day charged me $9.19 never registered amazon prime with this credit card. it must be a fraud. calling my bank to cancel it.

Amazon on September 28, 2020

je voudrais arrêter ses frais...svp

Alex Hatos on October 01, 2020

I got charged $9.09 never registered amazon prime with this credit card. I want my money back

Allan Albert oct 06 2020 on October 06, 2020

if you want cancel your Amazon charge for member Prime , call 1-877-586-3230

Jean Paul Poulin on November 11, 2020

I have a charge of9.9$ on my card please cancel that amount. Thank You.

Paul Wigfield on December 14, 2020

I do have prime account and have it set up on my wife's Mastercard. But now I have a payment taken out on my UK Visa Card, which I don't use. The transaction was for $9.03 which is obviously fraud because the Amazon only charges $7.00 a month. The transaction ID is Amazon Prime Member amazon.czpri BC

ANNE FREESTONE on February 03, 2021

How come Amazon is charging $9.03 on my credit card l i did not sign up for any membership please reimburse now

Amazon.ca prime member amazon.ca/pri Bc on February 26, 2021

Never sign up for it

Keith Poirier Amazon.ca/priBC on March 03, 2021

Never signed up for this and it is being charged to my visa. Please reimburse..

Bryan McCleary on June 30, 2021

the amount 89.97 this is impossible no order was made and I would like it removed from my credit card

Sally on September 16, 2021

Received several charges, each for $9.03 on my credit card. Several of the same charge each month. My bank reimbursed me and cancelled my credit card and issued a new one I have had the new card for two months and the charges have appeared again. Amazon was no help and I'll have to cancel my credit card again.

grandmother on November 09, 2021

3 months now. 6.45. mystery charge.

Joe on November 10, 2021

I saw a CA$9.19 charge and a week ago a CA$1.14 charge to an Amex in Google Pay. Strangely, the Amex doesn't show these charges (but Google Pay notified me of the activity on the card). Anyway, I disputed both to Google Pay. Seems like whack-a-mole (large scale organized crime), given the number of disputed $9.19 charges I see popping up in Google when I search. If one message gets here, there are at least 10 other cases who won't post it here, right?

deleted name before charge showed up for 9.03 on March 03, 2022

figured it was scam so quickly deleted several names oosted from B.C

Jane on May 04, 2022

I’ve been getting this charge on my visa for several months which was brought to my attention by my accountant. I have never signed up for anything from Amazon prime, I am not a member of Amazon Prime and don’t know what it is. How do I remove these charges from my visa?

Lorraine Bannon on August 01, 2022

I received a Visa billing of $11.29. Billing stated as cost for “Amazon.ca Prime Member”. I have never applied for this. Don’t appreciate it showing up on my visa bill.

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