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Amy on June 16, 2016

I just had a very large fraudulent transaction made on one of my OLD debit card numbers attached to my personal checking account. If anyone has any information, I would really appreciate it.

Mary on November 29, 2016

In the month of November 2016 my Card was also compromised - the Banks should be checking this .fraudulent transaction and it was also an expired card......

Kirk on April 15, 2017

This outfit got me. Mad as all hell!

nle on April 22, 2017

Got me too, Chase bank has been notified

Nova on May 04, 2017

never ordered from this company

kathy on May 25, 2017

I noticed a $256.53 charge on my visa as sp * fashion nova. I can not reconcile it with my carefully recorded purchases. Also, on the same date on my visa statement, on the line above the nova fashion charge, is a $483.03 charge by Hotwire-sales final 866 468-9473, which is not mine either BUT it was shown as credited back to my account the same day. Curious. I am calling my credit card issuer today.

Scott on July 05, 2017

I was just charged $230 for this "Fashion Nova" (women's clothing) from my debit card account. The bank is thankfully refunding it, but apparently, my debit card info was scammed (could have been at a restaurant or somewhere else where I paid with the debit card) and used at this online store

Teresa on July 09, 2017

Have a $202.95 charge on my credit card. I have called my bank and cancelled my card. Oh and whoever it was flew from MDW to ATL on my credit card too. There just happens to be one of these fashion Nova stores in atlanta. I hope they catch this bastard.

John gillion on July 18, 2017

I had someone tried to charge 665.00 thank God it was declined. But how do I catch this person and stop it from happening again. Tt

Ron on August 03, 2017

Book a hotel through Expedia hour later got a call from my credit card company saying someone is booking payments through fashionnova

Jeevanreddy on August 08, 2017

Hi, From your website my brothrrilla credit card got debited. But I didn't used my card for your website, Please block the transaction and get credit to respective bank USD79.96 was spent on your SBI Card no. ending XX5451 at SP * FASHIONNOVA COM on 8 Aug 17. Remaining credit limit: Rs.11,792.97.

E. R. LaGuardia on August 28, 2017

8/1/17 my VISA charged by FNOVA.MYSHOPICA $177.75 then credited same. Again on 8/1/17 charged $80.18 and this has not been credited.

Duke on August 29, 2017

Never heard of this company. Yesterday, $214.33 was charged on my Discover Card. Discover called, emailed, and texted me about the questionable charge. Also, Amazon $1, LYFT $1, and Amazon Mktplace Pmts, $122.21 were unauthorized transactions made the same day. Cancelled my card immediately.

TJHooker on October 31, 2017

I returned from a trip London -> LA -> Vegas -> London. Returned on 10th Oct 2017. Just had a SMS from my bank that SP*FASHIONNOV took $143.80. Either it's someone in the areas I visited or I was unlucky to have my card hacked. Either way the bank have to let the payment go through and then they will dispute the transaction.

George A. Hopper on February 28, 2018

Started seeing charges to my bank atm/debit card on February 23, 2018 from FNOVA.MYSHOPICA. Never ordered any women's clothing from there in my life. I keep a very close watch on my bank card and credit card charges. During this same time period received charges from all over the country, including Dominoes Pizza in Sumter, South Carolina. I live in Central California.

Kathy on March 31, 2018

My card had been compromised with other fraudulent charges and I had been contacted by my credit card company. When checking my activity online I found this charge. I called and only got a recording telling me to look online. This is what I found when I looked online. My credit card company has been informed and I will not be charged for this.

SP FASHIONNOVA COM on April 12, 2018

Transaction of £221.05 just fraudulently appeared on my account. These scum have to be stopped.

Alicia on July 17, 2018

FASHIONNOVA.COM FNOVA.MYSHOPI CA on July 6, 2018. Not as big as everyone else's here only $84.67. I guess I got lucky! Calling the bank now.

Stephanie on July 20, 2018

Je connais aucunement ce site et j'ai déjà plein de transaction.... Je veux être remboursé

Narelle on July 25, 2018

This unknown transaction on my debit card, luckily my bank picked it up immediately.

Steve on July 30, 2018

Just had 2 x $600 taken from my account, blocked card and money returned

Gill Morley on September 05, 2018

Had $786.02 taken from account now trying to get rectified

Bob on September 29, 2018

Just got my cc bill, and discovered a fraudulent charge from them posted on Sept. 5, $121.06. Never heard of them before this.

Francis Bonar on October 03, 2018

I notice a charge of $US263.45, Cdn$349.94 on my VISA on Sep 23 and I dont know you purchase what. I have not seem any package came to my house so I am thinking that my VISA was compromised. Can you kindly send me any information on this charge. My VISA # ends with 6874 Thank you

Kipp on November 06, 2018

I noticed charges from this website being charged to my Visa. I have never been on this website.

George on January 24, 2019

I was charged twice for $283 by fashion nova. Thankfully the bank declined it and texted me about possible fraud.

Sp fashionnova on February 09, 2019

A transaction was on my statement that wasn’t familiar to me

Joe on March 16, 2019

$95.98 I looked up website... it’s a bunch of hoochie-mama clothes. Never shopped here. Showed up on my cc this past Tuesday?

Mallory on April 26, 2019

I had two of these charges on my cc statement originating from California (never been). Contact your bank and identify whatever unrecognized charges you have and they should take care of getting rid of them.

Lana on June 11, 2019

One charge of $788 and another of $1100 to two different cards in the space of a week. Massive fraud.

Jill j on August 13, 2019

This is absurd we work so hard for our money !!! Use your hacking skills for the greater good .224.00 never heard of this company .

Debra Jones on September 02, 2019

I have a charge pending in the amount of $77.91 I DID NOT AUTHORIZE and I am reporting this site to the Attorney General

Susana Mendoza on September 12, 2019

Me robaron pero no se cómo reportarlo.

Fashion on September 19, 2019

I have never purchased anything from this company but I am seeing this charge on my debit card

Betty Derrick on January 01, 2020

My debit card was used to make two purchases from SPfashionnova on 12/29/19. One was for $121.00 and the other was for 97.07 and was told by my bank that whoever it was tried to make several other purchases. I canceled my card and am waiting on my bank to dispute the charges.

Greg B on February 07, 2020

I just found a charge from SP Fashion Nova for $199. Bank card canceled and charges are being removed. Wondering if my phone has been hacked.

Barbara Reed on February 22, 2020

I did'nt authorities this charge

Patricia Woodruff on March 13, 2020

My card was compromised for a little under $300.00. Whomever is stealing credit card numbers, be sure you sin will find you out!

Rachel Albinson on April 22, 2020

I did not authorize this charge to my bank account

Dianne scott on May 13, 2020

I have a frajulant charge on my card 4/29/2020

FNova.MYSHOP.CA on May 13, 2020

They charged 211.92 to my visa card on 4/29/2020 please reverse charge Dianne Scott

Tybalt W. on May 29, 2020

I had a fraudulent charge of $93.01 from Fashion Nova. I immediately checked with my family, and afterward called my bank's branch. Luckily they were able to cancel and replace my card and will be refunding the charge. This whole situation has made me so paranoid, like I want to wipe my entire computer.


$107.82 purchase made with my cc. I have never visited this website.

jeffrey cage on June 08, 2020

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Shante on June 13, 2020

I've received a charge of $82.58 on June 12 2020 from this company and have never purchased or even been on the site. I had to cancel my card.

Claudia Mathieu on June 30, 2020

404,24 ont été débiter de ma carte hier soir je ne connais même pas fashio..... j’ai jamais commander de vêtement en lignes ma carte a été annuler et ma banque son en enquête présentement pour que je puisse t’avoir mon argent ,

Amira morrow on July 06, 2020

Had a charge on my account and I have never been to this site!! WTF is going on and why are there so many people who have theses fraudulent charges?? I was supposed to go on vacation and now I'm screwed! !! Thanks alot!!!

Lisa Shakespeare on July 15, 2020

I didn't order nothing for this company

SP FASHIONNOVA.COM on July 24, 2020

$116.84 Fraudulent charge SP fashion Chase Bank has started in investigation into the fraudsters

Lisa Jackson on July 25, 2020

I never made an order from this website or verified the use of my usbankreliacard visa but there is a charge of 148.55 taken out of my account..71172778186

JOHNNY on August 11, 2020

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Tengo un cargo de $312.21 por una compra no realizada y desconocía este web

Paula Derringer on September 04, 2020

Yes I have a charge on my debit card it was over 300.00 out of my disability and I can't pay my bills I don't know what to do

Lisa McBee on September 24, 2020

I have been charged 202.00 and I did not make this purchase

FNOVA.MYSHOPI on November 15, 2020

I’ve also unfortunately been charged by this company of a transaction of 135$ 💔 just yesterday . I’m calling customer service back

Sandra on November 29, 2020

U used my card through to secure a hotel room in Buffalo but later cancel the trip. On the 28th someone attempted to order clothes from of 523$. I never heard of this place- the credit card decline the transaction because they had already made a purchase of 510$ in car parts on the 27th

Rhonda Huffman on December 13, 2020

I did not make this charge

Alex on December 18, 2020

On 12/17/20 had a fraudulent charge of $79.87 from SP FASHIONNOVA COM tried on my Bank of America CC. Fortunately I have alerts setup anytime a charge is placed. Notified BofA and they removed the charge and investigating the incident.

Kaitlyn Barton on December 22, 2020

Card got locked from SP * FASHIONNOVA COM charge that I never did.

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