The credit card charge MTO RUS - SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW ON has been submitted by a user uncertain of its origin.

Have you seen this charge on your Visa card statement? If you have any information regarding the credit card charge MTO RUS - SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW ON please share below!

If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately.

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Bernasia on August 12, 2015

MTO RUS- SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW is the ServiceOntario Online Driver and Vehicle Services - license sticker renewal

mustafa on July 19, 2016

i take to my credit statement you are chars me 12 dolar what is that,for what you can tall me please you guys not ask to me about but you take money on my cridet cart plase tall me

Robert Hicks on August 11, 2016

No but I better find out soon.

MTO RUS -So Mississauga, on on August 27, 2016

I was charged $108.00 on 02/13,2016. I do not know this name of

Max on September 03, 2016

This is Ontario Ministry of Transportation. RUS states for Road User Safety. Could be license plate sticker renewal payment which is $108 for 1 year.

Mike on September 16, 2016


Antonio Cabral on September 17, 2016

Licence plate sticker. This is a correct charge.

KHEWmU on September 26, 2016

I saw MTO RUS- SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW ON on my credit card twice in the month of August, I have no idea why or where this charge come from.

Kim on November 30, 2016

i was charged 32.60 by mto rus so echannel downsview on, what is this for?

Karen on November 30, 2016

I have no idea what this $162. charge is.

MDL Forums where Daz the Hacker Reside and Hides on November 30, 2016

Web site to report to your local authorities if you landed here by Google search Keep in mind is a scam and a group from MDL forums playing games

Gurcharan Dass Guleria on March 15, 2017

I paid online $12 as fee for sending me Driving record on feb26/17. I hav not received anything yet

Abbe on April 20, 2017

I paied $12 by visa card for MTO ... . But exactly I dont know, why?

heejin huh on July 06, 2017


janis hunt on September 03, 2017

i don't know why this charge appeared on my charge card...240,00 ?? not mine, I will be getting in touch with my charge card people!!

MTO RUS-SO ECHANNEL on November 12, 2017

it's some kind scam!!

Duki, on oct.29.2017 on November 21, 2017

$240.00 charge my MC, what is this????MTO RUS _SO CHANNEL DOWNSVIEW ON And This is not my :(

Garnet Northey on December 27, 2017

I have this same ID on my credit card but no idea what or who it is.

Garnet Northey on January 08, 2018

This charge is for your license sticker renewal from Motor Transport Ontario, $240 for two years.

CAPT.SPALDING on February 26, 2018

What is this? $240 charge?? After I flipped out,I recalled license stickers, at least they could call it Ont.Lic......Drive Ont.......Good to Go........MTO RUS-SO ECHANNEL.....does not work some how. Get with it Ontario........sure there is enough staff sitting around to come up with a better name.....

Susan on March 01, 2018

MTO-RUS-SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW ON had me really confused, please change the name to something like minitry of transport.

Mu on April 23, 2018 on April 23, 2018

MTO-RUS-SO BURLINGTON is the ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Services - license sticker renewal, which costs $12

Zahoor on May 21, 2018

Service Ontario should be using some meaningful name on credit card chargges rather than abbreviations which freak-out clients.

Courtney on May 23, 2018

Same here. What a confusing name!

CCEO on May 25, 2018

MTO RUS-SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW - Yes, it's License Sticker for 2 years $240.00, before was showing "Service Ontario". I think they're out source now. But I agreed the NAME IS SO COFUSING!!!

Zoou on June 22, 2018

Can confirm. This is for renewing licensing stickers on the ServiceOntario website.

WJS on July 20, 2018

MTO RUS_SO ECHANNEL DOWNSVIEW???? This is ridiculous. MTO License sticker renewal ---- really quite simple . Let's wake up whoever is responsible for doing this!!!

Joe on July 21, 2018

On line driver's license renewal on Service Ontario website

Marjorie Shaw on August 16, 2018

Only thing is Farm Boy and Giant Tiger posted on the 16th ,and I got charged $120.00 the same day . I'm tired of been ripped off. I keep all my receipts .couldn't remember buying anything or going there. I don't live there in that city .

Kolani Kitchens and Baths Inc August 2018 statement on September 02, 2018

Only thing I got charged $240.00 the same day . I'm tired of been ripped off. I keep all my receipts .couldn't remember buying anything or going there. I don't live there in that city .

Mike on September 20, 2018

The $12 MTO RUS charge on my Visa was for ordering a 3 year uncertified driver's abstract from Service Ontario.

micheline le couteur on September 27, 2018

My credit card was charged 60.00 on Sept 23rd, and again on Sept 24th for the same amount. What is going on ?? Need answer ASAP. Awaiting reply.

Saad W. on October 06, 2018

This is legit. IT IS NOT A SCAM. I paid for my license sticker and it is 120 per year. This is fro. The ontario transportation website. It is a third party online payment company. You should sleep better after reading this. :)

Mike M. on October 16, 2018

You would think the government or credit card companies would put in an actual service name so it reminds you that you used an online service to pay your licence sticker had me concerned for a while til I found this thread......I have better ways to spend my time

MTO rus-so echannel on October 17, 2018

What is this???

Eduard Janssens on October 23th, 2018 on October 23, 2018

My credit card was charged 90 cad on october 1st, 2018. Need answer asap. Awaiting reply

Manon on October 30, 2018

I was charged 120$ from MTO rus-so echannel on my credit card and I don’t know what it is!!!

Jouri fedossov on November 08, 2018


Andy in Ottawa on November 17, 2018

If $90 then it's a Driver's licence. If $120 then it's a Plate sticker for one year. If $240 then it's a Plate sticker for two years. A different amount may include unpaid fines. Not sure about this since I've never had one.

Faryal on December 04, 2018

It is absolutely legit. It is a vehicle charge from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario - they have listed various charges on the website, you can check it out.

Faryal on December 04, 2018

This is a legitimate charge from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. It is not a scam - it is varying fees for your vehicle/licence. They have listed the fees on their website. Check it out :

Faryal on December 04, 2018

This is a legitimate charge from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. It is not a scam - it is varying fees for your vehicle/licence. They have listed the fees on their website. Check it out :

I have no idea on December 16, 2018

Nov 23 Transaction date. Nov26 Post date. I was in Florida at this time but if this is parking garage then it is legitimate, my friend returned on this date from Florida. She exited alone and paid the parking charges. This seems ro be a duplicate charge

Les on December 18, 2018

On line driver's license renewal on Service Ontario website

Service Ontario on January 06, 2019

I charged for 2 years renew license number 240$ and it's correct.

Randal Marlin on January 22, 2019

License sticker renewal, $120

Nimit Kotak on January 25, 2019

I have be charged for this fraud

Dalal Dayfallah on January 30, 2019

I was charged $250.00

Sam on February 08, 2019

I was charged $72.00 dollars. It was for a driver's license renewal from the government.

Jesus on February 13, 2019

From Service Ontario, in respect of my driver license renewal fees

Dorothy LeCapelain on February 22, 2019

can you let me know

Chelsea on February 22, 2019

I have not been to this location. Or ever use MTO. Only charge on my CC I don't recognize

andy on March 02, 2019

this hit my credit card in Jan. Just reported it to my credit card company.

Answer: on March 02, 2019

Marie T Roberts on March 18, 2019

I have noticed on my Visa Statement you have taken from my Visa $120.00 which is wrong because I have Cancelled this account March 12th 2019. I would like you to credit back to my Visa the amount of $120.00. Thanks Marie T Roberts copy on file.

Zaid on March 25, 2019

I just got this charge and It seems a fraud one

Anonymous on April 07, 2019

"MTO RUS- SO ECHANNEL" stands for Ministry of Transportation Ontario: Road User Safety - Service Ontario. Marie, please contact your bank via the number on the back of the card.

ONT on April 11, 2019

license sticker renewal

Richard Leach on April 16, 2019

I have no idea why I have this charge. I have been scamed

CHi Kwangju Walter Chan on April 17, 2019

I don’t know what is this.

Do you know what the source of this charge is?
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