The credit card charge SEI DENVER CO has been submitted by a user unsure of its source.

Have you seen this charge on your Visa card statement? If you have any information regarding the credit card charge SEI DENVER CO please share below!

If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately.

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Merchant/Company Conaco (edit)
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Category Gas station (edit)
Description Gas station located at 1000 E Colfax Ave (edit)
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Mandy on June 28, 2016

I believe they are 7-11. I had a few charges from Sei show up on my statement. I did some thinking and realized they were from 7-11 purchase. So, my best guess is it maybe stands for Seven Eleven Inc. Maybe?

Jeff on July 26, 2016

i agree with Mandy and she answered my question also. made me realize it was charges at 7-11.

James on July 07, 2017

Agreed! The charges are indeed from 7-11. In my instances, they are from gasoline debit transactions typically forgotten about.

Daniel Newsome on October 10, 2017

this is not fair I will never shop here again! In fact I want my money back. They have charged me this fee at least 5 times. And you are not told about it all. In fact, I thick I will sue them for fraud.

7-11 on February 28, 2019

This has to be correct. Thanks for the help. I hat the same charge on my card and realized after reading this article and comments that I went to 7-Eleven and bought two monsters for $4.29 plus tax brought it to $4.67. That is exactly what showed up on my card under SEI. Hope this helps others as well.

Robert Gurule on October 26, 2019

Today I received a charge on my card for $100 from SEI 29314. I have never been to the gas station that this charge came from, nor do I have any idea how they came across my card information to even charge me. I believe that I am a victim of fraud.

7 eleven on November 01, 2019

Took my money made me leave with no purchase

Kimberly on November 05, 2019

Took money from my bank account.

cohog on January 04, 2020

Had 3 charges from this 7-11 and I NEVER frequent this location. Had three other 7-11 gas charges from other locations I have never been to on same (co. gas) visa card in last month's statement. This makes me think someone is using a card reading scanner device at these stores gas pumps. At certain times in the day clerks ars so busy, at these type of convenience stores tin particular, that the thief doesn't get noticed. We're usually in a rush to get somewhere ourselves and do not take the precaution of checking the pump card readers the way we should, either, and the thieves probably found a device that works exceptionally well in these location's type pump card reader's as well. I got scammed, anyway!

Kelly on April 09, 2020

Change me an extra $20 I have never had this happen before.

T Korte on May 14, 2020

I had 3 identical charges on my visa debit card of 304.95 SEI in Littleton Co on the same day at about the same time. I have never used my debit card at Seven 11 I hate scammers

Molly on August 25, 2020

SEI 34741 93474195 DENVER CO - 7 Eleven, 7080 Tower Rd, Denver. Valid charge on my AMEX.

Rip off 711 on September 05, 2020

Don’t scan your debit cards at 711 I have 3 identical charges only went there once. When are we going to deport these sand nijjers

Emily Clark on September 23, 2020

No idea what this is

Andrea Wedgeworth on October 06, 2020

Don't know what this charge us

Adel on October 15, 2020

They were charged me and I did not go there 13203 SEI 13203 DENVER CO. It is very bad.

Annika J. on January 26, 2021

No idea what this charge is from!

Sei25823 on February 03, 2021

What charge is this

Kenneth Bell on March 13, 2021

I don't know why you keep charging me. I don't know who you are or what you do. you just charged 21 and some odd change I want it back. and I wan't you to quit charging me for somthing i did not autherise!!!

Kenneth Bell on March 13, 2021

You have charged me 22.71. Idid not autherise this. I don't know who you are or what you do I wan't my money back and I wan't you to quit charging me!!!m

Trevor on April 14, 2021

Charged 100$ for no reason.

Micheal on April 18, 2021

SEI 37731 took $100 from my account! Why??

Jesse on November 25, 2021

SEI has charge me $340 for no reason

7-11 on February 13, 2022

Went to the 7-11 on Quebec and they charged my card an extra 20.22!! Don’t know what is going on but seems like it is a scam that needs to be investigated

Evan on May 27, 2022

Conoco - United Centennial on 5/23/22 @ 9:19pm fort 199.44 & Conoco - Sei 131denver Co on 5/24/22 @ 7:15pm for 199.17. Can't find the actual location of either one. Fraud being investigated by bank.

No tengo idea on August 10, 2022

Revise mi cuenta y me aparecio este cargo

Helen on November 24, 2022

Credit card fraud Conoco 1120 S Parker Rd, Denver CO 80231 SEI 16094 in Denver

Do you know what the source of this charge is?
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