The credit card charge SOCIAL PAYMENTS BADOO. DUBLIN IRL has been submitted by a user unsure of its source.

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Luis on May 28, 2016

Ha pasado mucho tiempo que se está cargando en mi cuenta un monto de US$3.60, y a veces más.- He conversado en mi Banco, pero no me dan solución. He tratado de hacer algo en el sitio de Badoo, pero no hay registro que me haya suscrito o comprometido con algún monto de dinero alguno. He tratado de eliminar la cuenta de Badoo, pero no recuerdo mi contraseña y para recuperarla me dirigen a un correo que ya no existe. Qué debo hacer? ya he pagado demasiado dinero por nada. Mi correo actual es:, agradeciendo al que me pueda dar alguna idea de cómo salir de este embrollo.

Tina on July 01, 2016

He visto ente nombre en mi extracto de cuenta

Brian W. Kennedy on August 11, 2016


Badoo on August 20, 2016

Can you please stop charging me for this

Gerald anthony on September 17, 2016

Please do not charge anymore to my credit card

"cb social payment Badoo" on October 07, 2016

name shown on my bank account statement Pleasedo not charge anymore to my credit card

Badoo on October 08, 2016

I want these transactions canceled from my credit card but no way of contacting them

mats möller on October 15, 2016

i want these transactions canseled

Jwan small on October 18, 2016

I didnt commit to social payment dublin to be taken off my card ending in 6421 and yall took 12. 00 without my permission so what are will you put my money back on my card.

Terrance on October 23, 2016


David on October 30, 2016

Turns out, they've been stealing a precise ammount of money every couple days a month, which i hadn't even noticed!

Trudy on October 31, 2016

If youre getting these charges on your credit card contact your card provider as they are fraudulent transactions

Badoo dublin irl on November 05, 2016

I deactivated my account ages ago and even stoped the payments but they are still coming out

Fraude on November 22, 2016

Me robaron yo no tengo ninguna cuenta de badoo pot favor no sigan mas con esto voy a poner la demanda

Bartlomiej on November 23, 2016

Pobrana opłata bez mojej wiedzy z mojego konta

Badoo on November 25, 2016

Tacken a payment and iv not said they can or gave my details not happy

Bartlomiej on November 27, 2016

Serwis społecznościowy badoo

Jwan small on November 29, 2016

I never made a commient to pay 12. 99 on 11-27-16 from my card that ends in 6421 i would really appreciate if you put my money back on my card as a matter of fact im not on badoo anymore cause had a bad experience on there so i deleted my account therefore it was no reason for 12. 99 should of been taking off my card i am not at all happy very very upset and dissapointed

Jose duquela ynoa on April 01, 2017

Me estan cobrando 79 centavos 3 veces al dia y eso eh robo

Lucia santiago on April 06, 2017

Me están haciendo cargos en mi tarjeta y desconozco de que se trata yo nunca contrate su servicios

Alexis albaladejo on April 13, 2017

79 cents a day what the hell is this

leonardo valencia on April 18, 2017

yo también estoy metido en un cobro que nunca contrate, pero hoy iré a la policía a realizar mi denuncia por estafa o fraude y luego al banco que me esta realizando estos cobros

Fred Chandler on April 20, 2017

Keep charging me a payment. I want it to stop. Hopefully I can receive a full refund.

Rodrigo on May 15, 2017

Me han realizado cobros desde esa pagina, a la cual jamas me he suscrito. He tendido que dar de baja 2 tarjetas

Michael King on May 25, 2017

I just saw this charge in my account and I did not authorize anything as such to be taken out of my card. Please cancel this transaction if possible. Thank you.

Ivan on June 12, 2017

I deleted my badoo account half a year ago and they are still taking my money I want them to stop this and return my taken money.

Badoo.c dublin on June 22, 2017

Porque me están cobrando si no tengo una cuenta con ustedes

Vaido on July 01, 2017

On what grounds do I withdraw money from my bank card ?! 06.06.2017; 28.06.2017; 29.06.2017.

Badoo on July 28, 2017

Suspicious charges that are unauthorized

Nadine on August 28, 2017

Habe seit Februar kein Badoo mehr ...habe auch alles gekündigt und mein Profil gelöscht ....bitte unterlassen sie die Abbuchung von meiner Kreditkarte...und geben Sie mir mein Geld zurück Kann auch nicht mehr Kündigen da mein Profil überhaupt nicht mehr existiert

i do not know what im been charged 24 dollars for on September 22, 2017

I dont know what im being charged 24 dols for

Haag2798 on October 05, 2017

It's 0.79 cents a day

jolita on November 19, 2017

Kodel nuo banko korteles pinigus nuskaiciuoja

Patrick on January 5, 2017 on January 05, 2018

Stop charging my credit card!

Scotty on January 20, 2018

yup me too. had a charge on my card for 300 baht ($10) at 9:27am on satarday when I was asleep. couldn't figure out what it was. found from this post that it is badoo. I think I will have to cancel my credit card as it looks they won't stop charging me from what I read here.

Joseph on January 23, 2018

I dont even use whatever this is and it just charged me $60 that i need to reacrivate my phone i want my money back now

Adaluvia on February 18, 2018

They have charged me many times for 1.99 even though I have not purchased anything. Is there anyway to get a refund and stop charging me?

Xavier on February 21, 2018

Stop charging my card 79 cents everyday that adds up. I deleted the app and my account. So stop Charging!!!!

Social payments social padublin on March 06, 2018

Money gone out of my account

Dylan on March 15, 2018

Last night at 11:30pm this exact business transacated 27 dollars from my account when i am not with badoo plse can u fix this asap

Florose Tumagantang on March 18, 2018

I want to know why I was charged of 349.00 dollar its I need u to explain it is too much, I need my money back. Thank you

Rehmatullah alikhel on April 18, 2018

I have Badoo app I tried to send to your gift to my friend and they charged me £35 if you can send me back my money to my account please

Badoo on April 21, 2018

There has been deduction from my account by badoo for so long I want the money to be refunded back to my account I only subscribe for one week and after that it still continues without my knowledge.

Bob on May 04, 2018

For no reasons they tack money from my Visa card

Charvat Jan on May 21, 2018

Social Payments Badoo Dublin 0002042018 prosim o zruseni poplatku!!!ucet jiz nemam!!!!

sazi on May 25, 2018

these guys stole my money

Social payments badoo on June 04, 2018

Today, on 4th of June 2018 I received a notification of a payment to this company of some sort and i know for a fact that I haven't paid for sh*t!! What is this bullcrap?

Edward on June 16, 2018

I been charged nearly £60, and i have never used badoo before 😡😡😡

manuel on June 18, 2018

I have made a 1 day subscription of badoo premium not value of 1,99chf, and when I finish the transaction with my credit card, they will pass me to the lifetime premium value of 149,99chf, that is to say, you get scammed. I want you to give me back my money (thieves)

Thomas on July 05, 2018

Ive been randomly charged...

Kristers on July 16, 2018

What the actual fuck. I am not a citizen of ireland, nor i live there. I haven’t used this shit site before. Why am I being charged for it? What is the sole purpose of this transaction?

Austin williams on July 26, 2018

I have this showing on my bank statement and I haven't had badoo for close to 4 months, so I would like for it to stop being charged to my account.

Teresa on July 31, 2018

I don’t know the source of this but I’ve never even heard of them yet my credit card has been charged. Other amounts were taken by various places in a week. Phoned card company and cancelled card and reported it to their fraud team.

peter sourbutts on August 17, 2018

card was fraudulantly used when stolen from me on 2 occasions. thank u

Zoltán on August 27, 2018

Kérném a számlám és előfizetésem és minden adatot törlését

flaschner kalman on August 29, 2018

Szeretnem lemondani

CHAS on September 15, 2018


chas on September 19, 2018

im getting really fed up with this company you have taken £65.99 out of my account you didnt have my permission to take it bastards

Anonymous on October 01, 2018

I have an unauthorized charge of $31.99 to my debit account from SOCIAL PAYMENT DUBLIN IE. I have not given consent or approval for my account to be charged and respectfully request for the $31.99 to be refunded asap. I also request for any said membership to be cancelled upon receipt of this message.

tijane sow on October 02, 2018

hi to who it may concern pls i will like to inform that their is a fraude going on in my credit card is charging me every month y is not normal pls stop charging my card

David on October 04, 2018

Účet na Badoo mám smazaný a neustále mi to strhává peníze. Už mě to opravdu rozčiluje. Žádám o vrácení peněz pokud mi nevrátíte peníze bude se to řešit jinak.

Jeffry on October 16, 2018

Radomly charged in october. Fucking thieves

prethivaraj prabagar on October 19, 2018

I have been too affected from this. There are payments being sent to as a social payment. Please note even after I have blocked my Visa card the transaction is still happening. Please don’t take necessary action on this

prethivaraj prabagar on October 19, 2018

Please take necessary action on this

Guzman on October 27, 2018


stanislav on November 07, 2018

žádám o zrušení účtu a tím i všech poplatků

Juan david on December 12, 2018

Me cobran dinero, sin tener nada que ver

Ethel on December 19, 2018

Was charged 1.99 on my credit card. Called bank to stopped payments. Did not authorize it. Don’t know what this is. Don’t do it againRGVnC5

Standa on January 13, 2019

Jak je možné že když jsem zrušil váš účet na badoo tak mi pořád chodí platby ?? Jak je to možné. Prosím okamžitě mi zrušte účet. Děkuji

kiksss on January 14, 2019

žadam o zrušení učtu a poplatku

global vacuum pickering on on January 15, 2019

Never heard of this one either, sick of changing my bank details

Frandy joseph on January 19, 2019

Je active ma carte de crédit sou badoo j'envie désactivé ma carte je me peux pas pouvez vous aidee Silvouplai mon email

Thabo on January 29, 2019

Transaction that I did not consent took place and im not very happy about this illegal act

Tania on January 31, 2019

Transaction that I did not consent took place and im not very happy about this illegal act

Robert on February 01, 2019

Hi,badoo took from my accound 119 i did't do any paymants and I would like my money back please ,Robert Orlik i delate my badoo accound all ready

Magda Krynska 05 Feb 2019 London on February 12, 2019


Francesco Libero on February 17, 2019

Badoo stolen from my credit card 5,99 €. I havent any Badoo account. This is illegal act! I want my money back.

Social payments badoo.comdublin ie on February 22, 2019

These payments have been taken from my account without any authorization. And i want my money refunded before i take further action

stanislav on March 19, 2019

platbu strhávají bez mého souhlasu.Chci aby skončilo strhávaní.

Raven on March 21, 2019

Please stop charging me I'm not with Badoo anymore

Ossamak on March 26, 2019

a mount of money has been deducted from my bank account.

ivan mel on March 30, 2019

Please take the necessary Action of this. They charged to my credit Card although I delete my profile months and I cant do anything to stop this payment….help!!!!!!

Badoo app on April 10, 2019

Is tack all my money

Braderrs on May 04, 2019

Stop taking money outta my bleedy account

ino0 on May 09, 2019

Neobjednal jsem si u vás žádný produkt. Neznám důvod transakce za 549,50 kč. Nestrhávejte tuto částku z mého účtu, je neoprávněná.

Suzanne hall on May 13, 2019

Refund my money now

Edwin on May 27, 2019

badoo app already i have deleted and unsubscribed still every day payments was gone pls help to stop payment from my account

Roberto on May 29, 2019

No recuerdo esta transacción que me están cobrando. y tanto dinero

Badoo. Dublin IE on June 09, 2019

I want my money back. They took 30$ from me, and i dont even use Badoo.

Andrei Luta on June 14, 2019

Stop using badoo stop trading now

Nnamdi iwuoha on July 13, 2019

I was surprise, I don't even have badoo app on my phone because I deleted it. But to my greatest surprise the deducted 30$ from my account on July 10th 2019. Please you people should refund me my money back

Badoo. Dublin IRL IE 600.00 RUB at a conversion rate of 41.724617 on July 15, 2019

I have never heard of badoo I don't even know what for and yet I have been charged $30 twice that's $60.00 this is very upsetting as I can not afford these charges.. I want my money 💰 back!!!

Rod on July 20, 2019

They took over 200 from my account ! This what the fuck do you think your doing.

Social Payments Badoo. Dublin IRL on August 17, 2019


Badoo on August 21, 2019

Non mi sono mai iscritta a questo sito e stanno prelevando i miei soldi dal credito. Voglio riavere i soldi indietro !!!

Espen risbruna on August 27, 2019

Stop this now and send money back

Harry on September 26, 2019

I already uninstalled this app..but why its keep charging me!?

Michael Henderson on September 30, 2019

these sob's charged my card. I have no idea why.

Darjuš Kratkovskij on October 03, 2019

Nuskaitineja pinigus

Social payments badoo on November 26, 2019

Hi, somebody hacked to used my credit card and email to use it for payment transaction for Badoo which I hadn't authorized, kindly refund me the two charges of 12.49.

Social payments badoo on December 13, 2019

Today badoo from dublin, charged my card!

Matteo on January 02, 2020

Mi ha addebitato la carta senza che io abbia fatto niente

Giedrius on January 04, 2020

Prašau man nebenuskaityneti pinygu nerandu kaip padaryti ar isjunkti nuskaitima!!!

Nnamdi iwuoha on January 07, 2020

Badoo Dublin charged me yesterday on 6th of January 2020 on my credit card and I don't use the site anymore. Please I need my money back

Gerardo on January 08, 2020

No, not at all

Social Payments Badoo.c Dublin IE on January 09, 2020

It was last Friday that I was mysteriously charged about $44. However, I managed to call my bank, and last Monday, I got my money. However, just today, I got robbed again. :'( Once again, I lost my money to the same people. I am realizing that they are trying to take away at least $68 or all of my money. They don't want to keep any of that money. I am doomed to become money poor.

Dawid on January 16, 2020

Pobiera płatność

Ivan on January 17, 2020

Been hacked into my bank account against let the police deal with it

Roland on January 22, 2020

Never register or click some subscription but gote my bank details and start charge money 4.99 social payment badoo.dublin and i can't stop this payment. But I report that stole money from my bank acoount and I didn't give any proof.

Ondrej on January 23, 2020

Žádám o zrušení účtu a poplatků s ním spojené, nic z toho jsem neodsouhlasil.

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