The credit card charge WEBNR.NET has been submitted by a user searching for info.

Have you seen this charge on your credit card statement? If you have any information regarding the credit card charge WEBNR.NET please share below!

If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately.

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Thando on July 14, 2016

I am one of the victims

Webnrnet Barcelona esp on September 08, 2016

I have been charged by this entity illegally. Why is this? I want my damn money back immediately.

Gregory Greg on September 20, 2016

I also a victim of this dog crime and my money will take up to three months

Webnr. Net on May 30, 2017

Taking money from my account on the 24 may 77p an on the 26may £30.90 single mum with three children I want my money bk

Lee on June 01, 2017

I have been charged for something i haven't been on and it's all a scam

Blake on June 11, 2017

Money taken from my account

Not sure on July 09, 2017

What the hell $54. What charge is this, want you to fix it, give it back

Josh on August 14, 2017

I got a nearly 39 dollar charge. wtf?

Jesse Cavanagh on September 06, 2017

Wtf...getting tired of seeing these kinda give whoever the fuck the right. I want action taken and I want it now.

Oscar on September 07, 2017

Iv been getting charged for this 2 time in a month plus iv unsubscribed to everything like wtf want the money back on October 07, 2017 has been charging me for something I don't even know what the site is they have been taking 55 dollars out of my bank ever few weeks for the last 3 to 4 month.I would love to get my money back as i work to hard to give money away for free

Suppachai on October 16, 2017

Refund my money!

Ruben on October 17, 2017

I was yesterday charged 259 danish crowns out of nowhere.Getting my money back would be rather nice, as I need it to survive this week

Vincent on October 28, 2017

Im getting this and don't no what it is WEBNRNET +18002540476 on November 09, 2017

They have being taken money out my account like it back plz on November 09, 2017

Money taken from my account

Brandy on November 26, 2017

I never ordered anything from here. Never even heard of it before. Please refund my money and cancel the membership please. One I'm bbbbb sure I q

Paul Natty on January 09, 2018

I need my money back please

Vincent on February 06, 2018

Never heard of hem ask my bank what it is even they say they don't know how can I cancel something what I never sign up for

kamil xu on February 18, 2018

I'm a student to they tooknow most of my money from my account I need my money back.

Silvasula on February 19, 2018

I have been charged by this entity illegally. Why is this? I want my damn money back immediately

Dean cowan on March 20, 2018

i Have been hit with about 53.20 how the fuck am I meant to pay that I haven’t even bought anything I want this to be fixed immediately

Anthony on June 03, 2018

It's taken $40 out of my bank account for no reason. I want my money back.

Luśka from Poland on June 06, 2018

I don't no what it is WEBNR.NET 800-254-0476 ES. It's taken $29,90 out of my bank every single month! HELP! Please... ;(

Emma on August 15, 2018

This is not the first time it’s happening . I need my money back

James on August 20, 2018

I just happened to look at my statement.WEBNR NET WAs one of six bogus charges totalling $242. When does the BS stop????. I can barely make it month to month. Don't need any thieves helping themselves to what I worked my ass off for.

Trevor Roberts on September 17, 2018

I was charged never made this purchase try to call they say they don't have any record of it but it's taken off my card I want my money back please help

Jahanzeeb on October 02, 2018

Cut it balance from my account

Kan on November 01, 2018

Money taken form my account.

Webnr net on December 01, 2018

I’ve never signed up or anything they just took my money and on January 05, 2019

Took from my account 1.45 dollars qnd once took around 135 dollars too

Madison on January 05, 2019

They took out 39.95 out of my credit card, I am 17 and I would like my money back

Ryan Mckenna on January 26, 2019

You have taken money from my bank account

Allan Taylor on January 30, 2019

What is this and why have they been taking money out of my account? on March 15, 2019


Phillip kendrich on June 26, 2019

This useless site is illegally scamming and looting my money from my account. Please reverse all my money you have stolen from my account and do not try it again. God will Judge you

Raghav on July 05, 2019

Fuckin hell I want my money back they have been charging me 20$ around

Simon on August 17, 2019

I've been getting charged for months now and I want my money back and I don't have a clue what it's for

Ajrun on September 10, 2019

Ihope u can give back my money.. Why u do like this to me? Why u so cruel?.

Logan Searles on October 05, 2019

No Idea Where This Charge Came From.

Muhd aidil on December 26, 2019

I have been fraud

Do you know what the source of this charge is?
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