The credit card charge MYIDENTITYASSIST 1-877-73 8-5979 has been submitted by a user unsure of its source.

Have you seen this charge on your credit card statement? If you have any information regarding the credit card charge MYIDENTITYASSIST 1-877-73 8-5979 please share below!

If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately.

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Robin on July 12, 2016

This is a "legitimate" charge from a company that seems to be affiliated with various banks. The charge does seem to suddenly appear for no apparent reason though. I'm currently trying to get it removed for the second time. Must be some "opt-out" thing somewhere that I missed. They offer service that might be of some use, but does not seem worth the $60 plus dollars a year they charge. The alerts and help they offer seem to be similar to what your bank would provide anyway. Unless you have a ton of credit cards to monitor perhaps?

On-Star. GM SUV. on March 28, 2018

Had the car for 3 years and never had this before.

Bob on October 27, 2018

Just received a charge on my CIBC Visa for MyIdentityAssist and I can't remember ever asking for that service. On further investigation I discovered that CIBC sold this service to the TD Bank a few years ago. I figure TD Bank billed my VISA with one of their "opt-out" services for which I had no notification I can recall. Not 100% sure but they did provide that phone number 1-877-738-5979 which I will be calling.

Lisa on February 28, 2019

Did not order this

MyIdentityAssist on April 14, 2019

Have no idea who MyIdentityAssist is. Charge showed up onCIBC Classic Visa Card

Seth on April 17, 2019

Checked with TD as this was charged to my card yesterday. They knew nothing about it and are closing my card and replacing with a new account just to be safe. Attempted to reach the phone number associated with this charge and did not get through.

Mark on May 01, 2019

Just showed up on my statement for April TD Aeroplan statement. I called them (Myadintityassist) and they said I signed up in March 2007, received 3 years for free and they have been billing me every year since - but I have no recollection of ever signing up for anything like this nor paying any bill for it. Going to call TD...

S.P. on May 16, 2019

MyIdentityAssist was a CIBC program that got transferred over to TD some number of years ago. I suspect anyone who signed up for a CIBC credit card or account got added to a customer database that went to TD. I'm guessing they applied the 3 years free to all customers and once expires they go ahead and bill you for another 3 years. Just call 1-877-738-5979, confirm your identify, and they will cancel and refund. Be warned, they will try to sell you on the service before completing the cancellation.

Nehmetallah Harfouche on January 16, 2020

They charged me on my CIBC visa credit card for the amount of 10.34 for no reason. I didn't have any deal with them, this is ridiculous!

April Evans on July 18, 2020

I cancelled this service years ago and it never cancellled it's still being taken from my acccount

R. Campbell on October 28, 2020

An unexpected charge from an unknown source. Appears fraudulent.

Debbie L Anderson on November 19, 2020

I have not authorized this transaction!

kelly on February 18, 2021

tried ringing the number they provided but doesn't exist payment of 29.90 GBP taken from my card which I didn't authorise

Louise H. Cooke on May 27, 2021

My Canada CIBC credit card account was scammed for $59.95 on May 25, 2021 charge by My IdentityAssist. This charge needs to be credited back immediately.

Elaine on June 04, 2021

I did a bit of research and it seems that ID Assist used to be Credit Alert.

Suzie on June 09, 2021

No don't know source of charge on July 01, 2021

They took an £29.90 out of my account yesterday and no idea who this company is and how they managed to get my details to take money out off my account I never signed up for anything or this company trying to get a refund and a response as I've sent them an email the phone number is an American number

Helen on July 22, 2021

I received a charge on my Visa for My Identity Assist on my June/21 Visa statement. As far as I know, I didn't sign anything, or give an ok over the phone, for such a program. The charge was $62.95. I haven't tried calling the number associated with this. It sounds as if phoning the 877 # is futile. I may try CIBC and see what they offer as an explanation.

Boris on August 20, 2021

Same story, TD visa, just called TD. Card canceled, 10 days for investigation . Hope I’ll get my money back. Switched from CIBC to TD around 12 years ago.

MYidentityAssist on November 03, 2021

Showed up on my Visa credit card as a charge , my bank does not recognize this and neither do i.

Josh H on November 22, 2021

Still happening!!! had the same charge on TD visa. No dealing with this company. Called them and they say they work with TD and CIBC bank. I never signed up for this service. Now have to cancel CC card start investigation since VISA has no idea what this charge is. Joy fraud everywhere! check your statements folks. Many don’t look for small debits of 28$ so this company is scamming millions!

Robert Cerutti on March 13, 2022

I did not sign up for this!

Sonya on June 28, 2022

I never sign for this and what more I cannot cancel it It is pure fraud

Do you know what the source of this charge is?
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