The credit card charge C-REWARDS INTERNET has been submitted by a user looking for information.

Have you seen this charge on your MasterCard statement? If you have any information regarding the credit card charge C-REWARDS INTERNET please share below!

If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately.

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247 on September 05, 2016

I have had 3 amounts of 71 dollars deducted from my banking account and dont know who they are

Mediaz on September 14, 2016

I have had 3 amounts of 71 dollars deducted from my banking account and dont know who they are

Dan on September 25, 2016

I saw this name advertised for free movies and tv shows , it said today , sept 25 was the last day for free service to sign up , it asked for email and a password then next they wanted credit card info , that's when I looked up the name to see some reviews and found this page , I tried to get back to the site but it is gone now ??

c-rewards 25 on November 30, 2016

Plz stop talking money out of my account 1st was 7$ now 14.99 omg plz stop them that my babys money

Barbara on March 26, 2017

I to have this deducted from my Bank Acc. What to do ? Someone please advise ? Appreciated...

MARONA Tekeu on April 14, 2017

$200 went missing on my account

Brando on April 14, 2017

$250 was taken at 6.22am New Zealand time hope you enjoyed it. Cause wen your time is up you will burn in HELL! ! ! ! !๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Craig D on April 15, 2017

They got me 3 times too. Karma will get those involved one day or if I fi d out who and where they are I mite just go find them for a talk. I would hole by then that the talk would be them behind bars and me leaving with a smile. What you need to do is cancel your cars or cards they taking money from and get all new cards or they will keep taking it Good luck to every one

Emilly on June 27, 2017

It's a charge from casino rewards. Search them up but that's who it is. If you haven't signed up yourself, then you better look into it cos someone may have stolen your credit card details

Jade on August 04, 2017

$10 was just taken out of my card and i want it to stop before it takes more out

Lavinia on August 08, 2017

I have had money taken out of my credit card with out my knowledge,this month they have take out nz $16.37 plus 16.08 they are know putting intrest of 13.45% is there any way to stop this please any help would be gratefuly received

Scott Mason on August 20, 2017

I have had to change my debit card 3 times because of money being taken out of it. it is frustrating can anyone tell me what I can do to stop it

Katarina on August 27, 2017

Hey i got charged what for?

FRANCIS J HOWARD on August 27, 2017

You know who I am. Who or what are you? Transfer my money back! Got snapped tampering did you now?

Shirley Harris on August 28, 2017

On the 2nd of August an amount of $13.71 was deducted from my bank by this c-Rewards outfit. I have no idea who you are and I want you to stop please. I do not want anything to do with you!! If it does not stop I will take further action.

Lucy 17/10/17 on October 17, 2017

I have had two transactions taken from account and both were today.. I am so grrrrrrrrrrrrr right now!!! What and who the heck is c-rewards.... If the we're fnnn rewards I should be receiving money not having it taken without my authorisation... Sob!!!

C-rewards on October 31, 2017

Stop taking money from my account

Leif Persson on November 14, 2017

What is DPG*NL C-REWARDS have taken about 11โ‚ฌ from my card

Gina on November 22, 2017

what i did not give permission for you to take money out of my account.. i dont even know who you are

Charest on November 29, 2017

Casino ร  10$ j'avais gagner 103 et il me le donne pas il me le charge ????

Liza on December 03, 2017

Stop all charges from my account I have know idea who yous are or have I given yous authority to withdraw from my bank account, went from $1.49 to $75.00. F'n scammers!!!

Dpg NL rewards internet cyp cy 10.00 usd on December 05, 2017

My gone 100 gone out of my bank

C -rewards limmasol on January 15, 2018

I have never signed up to this please stop taking my money $14.50 to $100 and the rest. I haven't given permission for anyone to take from my acc. What Is this Shit I don't even know who you are leave my acc alone.

Marie on February 09, 2018

Same problem they took 300$ out my account OP ONLINE PURCHASE ILIXIUM GBR I don't even know who they are except a bunch of scam

Oceana on February 25, 2018

Iโ€™m having vast amounts of money taking from my credit card with no idea who they are and no authorisation. Please help.

vix on February 25, 2018

25 Feb '18 C-REWARDS LIMASSOL $14.09 i have no idea who this is

Wanita Cook on March 02, 2018

I have bee charged for this and not knowing why I was charged please contact me by email Thank you

Pokies app/website on March 06, 2018

C-reward internet was on my partners card i noticed. She'd forgotten she tried a promo x ammount of spins for $14.20 Have blocked that gambling account from future transaction after reading this post. Location: Auckland, NZ.

sue dowler on March 12, 2018

you took money from me please stop

Totori on March 13, 2018

C-rewards internet cy took $20 from my money card march 12th. Give them no more chance I think.

josephine holmlund on March 16, 2018


Bev on March 20, 2018


Peter Were on March 26, 2018

I dont want to have anything to do with this site.Please delete my name from this site.

Jean michel on March 27, 2018

I was in a outside pokar bear sauna that day

C-rewards on April 05, 2018

I was ripped off $210

C Rewards Internet on April 09, 2018

Who had no right to take money out of my visa debit card without my authorisation. I would like that money back into my account asap

p laird on April 17, 2018

Monthly charge for an unknown reason

Tracie on April 18, 2018

Y u taking money from my account who r u return it plz 28.46

Do you know what the source of this charge is?
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