The credit card charge ASTRO-REP.COM FL has been submitted by a user looking for information.

Have you seen this charge on your debit card statement? If you have any information regarding the credit card charge ASTRO-REP.COM FL please share below!

If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud or a scam you should reach out to your financial institution immediately.

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Astro rep .com on June 17, 2016

I placed and order of two jars of ultimate organics extra virgin olive oil body whip 3 weeks ago and they went into my bank account and took out 152.00 and then took out 27.00 and another 4.95 they where only supposed to take 14.95. They did all of this on the same day 6-4-2016

Rachel on June 23, 2016

Have no clue what was purchased. Never use this card. Charged $42.00

Vikki Holt on July 08, 2016

$26 odd dollars keeps coming out of my account.

Roy on July 18, 2016

Been getting monthly charge of 19.00. How to trace?

Juana on September 07, 2016

I was charged by 85541552855-415-5213FL back in July and again in August. And I didn't make any transactions to this website in August. They are charging me for nothing.

Frances BUckinghamI on September 21, 2016

I have been getting charged around $25.00 a month on my pay pal account do.not know what it is on October 01, 2016

Never authorized this need help ASAP

Kathleen on October 13, 2016

I also have a 19.00 charge taken out every 2 weeks.

Jason norris on October 25, 2016

I have a 19.99 charge that says 8 on it ans have no idea what it is.

Marie on November 01, 2016

I have a charge of 19.99 for the last few months and I don't know what it's for also.

Peter JH on November 03, 2016

I have been charged $19US ($25.18Aus) regularly each month against my CCard then my bank charges me an international transaction fee.

Chrissy 1 November on November 08, 2016

They took 58.00 don't of y

Jerry on November 29, 2016

Never ordered from this company took $27.00 from my account

Sonya on March 21, 2017

This is a charge from an Astrological company, for an in depth reading. 855-415-5213 on April 20, 2017

They keep taking $25 odd dollars from my account. Who are you?

Jennifer escamilla on May 10, 2017

I just ordered a reading which they said a $49.00 this month a$57.00 the next month but they charged my make over$100.00; they took out all readings in one day no, unsubscribe me, I no longer want to do business with scammers. Thisinterupted my whol day,due to my husband was very angry unsubscribe will not charge my card again and I want the money you took out replaced. You also said I'd receive some books for free but I never received them

ASTRO-REP.CO. 888 816 6396 FL on June 16, 2017

Taking out money from my credit card and before I noticed they have been charging my credit card for 6 months or so already. And when I phoned them they said I had bought something which I don't remember cuz I don't have it , and they said I should be paying them for 12 months on June 17, 2017

Charging my account$19.00 per month

kathleen on June 25, 2017

This is a scam. Have never heard of this company and did not order anything, certainly not a recurring charge for nothing. The phone number on the bank deducttion transaction is a fake number- "non-assigned". They have already stolen $27/month for two months before i noticed it. Going to report it to the Better Business Bureau. I have double checked all my emails and no notification of any purchase of this kind or amount.

kelly on June 29, 2017

I have a recurring charge of 19 dollars. Never purchased anything from them.

Sam on July 07, 2017

I was charged $42.00 this month. I don't know what this is for. When I called the number for them off of my credit statement, the number is invalid.

Allen - on July 22, 2017

I've had 2 charges removed from my account, $65.00 on 16FEB2017 and again for an additional $37.00. I would like my money returned to me! The 2 numbers I have are worthless, please help.

Cheryl Taleski on July 23, 2017

Do not know what charge is

Janae on September 12, 2017 have direct debited 23.82 and i have no idea what it is for. Unauthorised transaction.

Amy price on September 13, 2017

I didn't agree to these payments being taken out & who are these people ????

Astro-rep on September 14, 2017

I have not allowed this transaction

Astro-Rep??? on October 14, 2017

Every month $26 comes out of my account who is this ??????

Astro - rep on November 06, 2017

Deduct $24 x2 out of one account same day. Who are you? U

Roslyn Smith on November 07, 2017

I do not know why this money is coming out. I don’t know what they are charging me for!

Hayley Miles on November 11, 2017

Keep getting a charge each month No idea who or what it's for . As far as I'm concerned it's an unauthorized payment. on December 01, 2017

I have been charged 8.00 now 3 times have no clue looked it up don't look like any thing I have ever seen the number on the account is 88881 855-415-5213

Jane on December 12, 2017

This appears to be some sort of astrology. The number to call is 1 888 816 6396 on December 18, 2017

Dec. 5, 2017 8888166396 855-415-5213 FL AMT 21.85 UNITED STATES DOLLAR 28.45 Didn't order anything, Please reimburse

Astro-Rep on December 28, 2017

They removed $8.00 from my account 12/28/2017 withoout my knowledge.

Kelby williams on January 10, 2018

I have not been on this

Kelli maruri on January 18, 2018

My credit card company just happen to bring it to my attention. We now have found more than 15 $19 purchases over 20 months or so. Keep looking, you will probably find more. I never authorized a single transaction with these people. My credit card company is helping me out. 888816639 on February 05, 2018

2 entries on dec 21 and another 2 on Jan 08

george willock on February 10, 2018

they removed 8.00 from my credit card on 02/10/2018 . i have no idea who this is and why the charge

R.Perkins on February 11, 2018

I've got 3 charges I just now noticed...2b for 8.00 1 for 4.95!!!! Dont have a clue as to why or who they are!

MISS TERESA BOYLE on February 12, 2018


Denise Bird on February 27, 2018

I was charged on my credit card Twice both on February 17, 2018 from 8888 166396 the same number one was for $14.35 and $38.96 can you explain this?

Tami on March 06, 2018

What the hell is this and more importantly why are u stealing from account!?!? And why isn't your number working for anyone to call? You have take aprox 300 out of my acct over a period of time! I will be figuring it out to the penny and letting u and my attorney know!

Debbie on April 07, 2018

I was charged 2 times 19.00 and 8.00 from astro-rep co with a false number.called my back and stopped payment

Why bother on April 19, 2018

37.50 stolen I want it back you thieves a single mum who the fuck you think you are. Reported to ADO FRAUD SQUAD

ann on May 04, 2018

This BS and theft

R tan on May 28, 2018

I was charged on May 24, 2018 from 8888 1 66396 856-415-52 I did not buying anything from them.. it's no one can stop this theft?

Dan Warnock on June 08, 2018

Don,t know Astro Rep - reporting bad charge to my bank.

Christine Nicholson on June 26, 2018

I think I may know this is Astrology Answers. If you receive astrological readings or have clicked on a site for astrology answers that you no longer have any interest in, you may need to unsubscribe

Dave Kelly on July 27, 2018

Bunch of scamming crooks

Astro-Rep co on August 14, 2018

I don't know this company and did not ordered anything they charged me June/July for $8 twice now. And their phone is not working when I tried to call. This is fraud I will show this to my bank so they will stop this people stealing from my card. Aug 20, 2018 on August 28, 2018

This company charged me $8.00 on my card. I don't know what this is for. You need to stop this company from taking money from us.

Betsy croft on September 19, 2018

I have no idea where this charge comes from.

Trinh Nguyễn on September 26, 2018

I don’t know from where is this but I’ve got to paid 8$ monthly

Samantha Haswell on October 01, 2018

I don't know what the source of this charge is

facebook add on November 06, 2018

bought shoes for about 51 dollars but much higher amount charger and no shoes delivered

Kim O'Connell on December 21, 2018

I was charged £47.45 plus a transaction charge of £1.30 from my normal bank account, I don't know what this for does anyone know how and who to investigate?

Astro rep on January 05, 2019

I got a broken “chakra hanger” in the mail that I did NOT order.

Valerie Peters on March 14, 2019

I have been charged 27.00 16.00 and 1.00 in February now March 19.00 and it said it is recurring payment. Never heard of these thieves. This is the telephone number on my bank statement and when I call it NOTHING. 855-415-5213

Astro-Rep co on March 25, 2019

This charge appeared on my Bank of America Visa card .. don’t know what it’s for . Called the Number on my statement ... it is not a working number

James on April 11, 2019

Astro-Rep.... scammers!!! grabbing 8 bucks a month. Just put my account to sleep. Must change account #s. Reporting as fraud. Pain in the ass!!!

Leslee Jines on May 13, 2019

I want them to stop taking money out of my account, but can't find a number or email to tell them

Astro rep 888 on May 13, 2019

Cancel my account

Patricia on June 05, 2019

Have been charged $102.43NZ for 888-8166396 Sarasota US and have not used their services. Please credit my visa account

Brenda on June 19, 2019 on June 20, 2019

I was charged 19.00 USD by Astro and I never made a purchase to that organization for anything! Astro Rep is to cancel any information that may have on me, or anything they THINK I requesxted or ordered. I will be contacting my financial institution also.

Dmitry Gabelev on July 22, 2019

Have been charged $67 & $197 for 888816639 855-415-5213 US and have not used their services. Please credit my visa account.

Julia on August 06, 2019

This is Astrology Answers. Did you buy or sign up for a subscription through them? Go to the website and check the "members area". if you can access it, you bought a subscription.

Gale Hendry on August 26, 2019

I have 2 charges on ny bank account for Astrorep. I have never heard of that company. Want it refunded now!

Carrie on September 13, 2019

I have been charged $29.25 in September 12, 2019 and 29.09 August 13, 2019. Have no idea what I’m being charged for and I’m unfamiliar with the company changing me.

Paul Burrows on September 25, 2019

I also have been charged in August and in September for unknown item.

Donna on October 14, 2019

charged 39.95 for what?

Carolien on december 13, 2019 on December 13, 2019

They keep charging me monthly and get nothing. Only once a reading done, but they keep charging me for 59 each month.

mira on January 28, 2020

I have been charched for 19.99 USD from april 2019 every month.

Andy Schollig on March 16, 2020

This is an Astrology site connected to your subscription. If you set up for astrology reading then you are being charged monthly. If you set up for a free reding you are probably now a subscriber and you are being charged. Call the number and cancel your subscription. I hope this helps.

Mary on March 18, 2020

Have no idea what these charges are.HRagzb

Jen on March 19, 2020

I was charged by this “company” and don’t have a clue who they are??

Joe on April 16, 2020

And I have been Charged and I don’t know anything about this “So Called Company”

ASTRO-REP.COM on April 30, 2020

I do not recognize this charge FL on May 12, 2020

I canceled the subscription and now I can track this company

Astro Rep on May 23, 2020

£19 pending on my card

Marjorie Treweek on May 24, 2020

I have not purchased anything from you please remove me from any list you have me on payments were taken on 2 occasions date: 22/5/20 - amount. $28.89 & date: 22/5/20 amount: $147.50 please place back in my account in have not agreed to this on June 23, 2020

I have also been charged 3 times for $56.90nzd towards this scam. How do I stop this from happening? I've never purchased from them. I've rung my bank and the have advised me to find the source but I cant seem to. Does any one else know how to stop these payments?

ASTRO-REP.COM FL on June 23, 2020

I have no idea what this charge is for. on June 25, 2020

I got changed twice on the same day for nothing that I bought. One for 29.95 and one for 45.73

Franco on July 13, 2020

This is the charge shows up in my statement. JUL 3 PURCHASE AUTHORIZED ON 07/02 ASTRO-REP.CO 88881 855-415-5213 FL S380184531039244 CARD 1484 Gas and Fuel -$97.00

What is this? on August 11, 2020

I have no idea what this is. Please provide details

Astro-rep. Com on August 31, 2020

Can you please tell me what that amount was for. Thank you.

Javier Alvarez on October 08, 2020

Please refund and cancel my subscriptions

Bianca on October 24, 2020

I don't recognize this charge and I did not accept it. Please refund the two payments you took from my credit card of $44.98.

Astro—Rep.Com on November 18, 2020

Was is 24.95 for I did not authorized this on December 20, 2020

Do not know these people, it's apparent that once you bid on top hat, n pay for your item, these people is somehow connected to the app. n steals your money off your card before you notice that its taken, I was just taken, n now I'm letting the fraud department of the FBI investigate it. n I'm also demanding my funds to be returned.

Deborah Callaghan on December 26, 2020

Do not recognize this charge please return funds to my account.

Donley on December 28, 2020

They hit me for $67 three times in one day. Anyone figure them out. Looks like it could be an astrology site. Never ordered from them.

Deborah Callaghan on December 29, 2020


Deborah Callaghan on December 29, 2020


ASTRO-REP.COM on January 03, 2021

I used this site in December. Today, 3rd Jan 2020, they have taken £13.97/$19 from my credit card, without informing me. I do not wish to have anything more to do with them. They are a ripoff. Can you please help with this matter? Kind regards Moira Andrews. on January 11, 2021

Did not authorise transaction

Lucia Garcia on January 20, 2021

There is a credit card charge of $48.00 paid to Astro - showing in my credit card on 1/18/21. This is a fraudulent charge for I do not know what this entity is all about!

Tony on January 23, 2021

I don know what tis charge is

Do you know what the source of this charge is?
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